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Just a heads up…

I plan on writing up new grades and reviews based on Sweeps programming and what not heading in the holiday hiatus. I may also hold funeral proceedings for the departed shows. So much pressure!

Fall TV Returning Series Grades (repost from other ‘blog 10/28/05)

Let’s consider this their 1st semester grades. It’s a good thing I’m grading on a curve…

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New series first semester grades (repost from other ‘blog 10/27/05)

Well, since it’s now deep enough in the fall TV season for some series to be showing repeats in the ramp up to November Sweeps, I thought I’d catch you up with my current thoughts on the new series and even just the latest seasons of favorites. I think for now, though, an update of new series will have to do.

(Since this was originally posted, some of the shows have been canceled. Reunion, Kitchen Confidential, and Threshold)

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Watched log for Tuesday

Got in late from bar, not much on anyways.

 Bones: Girl in the fridge

The normally inscrutable Bones starts to show a softer side in this episode when her former mentor and lover shows up and is to testify in a murder case to dispute her testimony as an expert witness. Decent episode, a bit slower in pace, where they almost immediately find the cause of death, and the rest of the episode is the court case. I find it a bit unrealistic that they would be in trial so quickly though. That’s the TV justice system for you though. One of the sort of interesting backstory bits is the story of Bones’ parents disappearance and her obsession with learning the truth. According to the previews, I think the next episode will be kind of funny, in a trapped-in-a-lab-with-deadly-lung-fungus-on-Christmas kind of way.  

Watched log for Monday

Threshold (11/4/05?)

Had the ill-fated husband of Jack’s lover from 24. This show is creepy.

Surface: Ep. 4

Hmm… Dog + Hungry sea creature = Compleately predictable.

How I Met Your Mother: The Pineapple Incident

Great episode. Bonus points if you recognized Danica McKellar a.k.a Winnie Cooper.

Two and a Half Men: Something Salty and Twisted

Only watched because I was waiting for Out of Practice to be on.

Out of Practice: Guilt Trip

Medium: The Reckoning

Watched log for Sunday

Actually got to watch some stuff… although because football ran late on FOX, only recorded half of The Simpsons and American Dad

Numb3rs (10/21/05)

In this episode Don and Charlie are trying to catch an assassin. There is also Charlie’s failing romance with Amita, and Don and Charlie’s dad trying to get someone to go with him to their aunt’s 80th birthday party, which involves slow-dancing with old people imagery. Disturbing. One thing bugged me about the episode, the target of the assassination kept saying “I run a small cafe”, always emphasizing the smallness of the cafe. Dude. We get it. Otherwise, a pretty decent episode.

Lost (11/23/05)

Really good episode. This time the focus of the flashbacks is Ana-Lucia. We begin to understand her trust issues, and her hairtrigger. Shannon is indead completely dead and Sayid is understandably pissed. I wonder if any of the other “Tail-aways” will have flash-backstories? Bonus bit: Ana-Lucia’s partner was Bobby Beemer in Grosse Pointe Blank.

Desperate Housewives (11/27/05)

Hmm. Evil Nun? Check. Susan bumbling? Check. George being creepy? Check. Lynette’s plan backfiring? Check. Crack about Edie losing her virginity at a young age? Check. Bree being passive aggressive in a life-threatening situation? Check. George killing himself? Check?

Grey’s Anatomy (11/27/05)

So many big dick jokes, you can’t cram them in, unless you’re a big dirty whore. What else? Let’s see, Christina is a slob, Alex has a bedroom malfunction and then does it with the nurse, Mere has been having many one-night-stands, George didn’t do much of anything, and Izzy is in a tizzy about a lady with quints.

Samurai Champloo : Misguided Miscreants Part 2

Seriously guys. Watch this show. It is the shit.

Family Guy (11/27/05)

I think that’s everything.

Watched log for Saturday

Threshold (10/21/05)

Pretty good episode. Unfortunately Threshold has been canceled, even with the move to Tuesday, apparently the ratings just weren’t good enough. I still have enjoyed it, especially it’s inside-looking-out perspective on government conspiracy as opposed to the other alien invasion shows on major networks. I still have a few more episodes saved that I will watch and I don’t know how many more they plan to air, but I hope they will at least show whatever has already been filmed.