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Archive for November 23, 2005

Watched log for Tuesday

Gilmore Girls

Last night’s episode was pretty good. Lane and the band were one of the minor story threads, and it was good to see them, even though Zack was being a dick about Bryan writing a song called “Lane”. I also am waiting for the “other shoe to drop” with Luke not telling Lorelai about his kid. It’s bad enough that I find myself yelling at Luke through the TV. The other thing I want to mention is Rory and Lorelai’s “prison stories” and Lorelai describing the time she was talked to about her virtue by a Rabbi, a Catholic Priest and… I can’t remember but it was funny.

My Name Is Earl

Another hilarious episode. Being a Subaru fan, I was appreciative of the mention of the BRAT being in the shop (which is a callback to the episode where Joy and Darnell were trying to kill Earl). I was rolling when Earl’s mom kept offering to leave him money on the porch. I certainly hope that Beau Bridges makes more guest appearances. One more funny moment was when Earl and Randy gave their dad a “Hitler” mustache when their parents Jewish friends were coming over. Priceless.