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New series first semester grades (repost from other ‘blog 10/27/05)

Well, since it’s now deep enough in the fall TV season for some series to be showing repeats in the ramp up to November Sweeps, I thought I’d catch you up with my current thoughts on the new series and even just the latest seasons of favorites. I think for now, though, an update of new series will have to do.

(Since this was originally posted, some of the shows have been canceled. Reunion, Kitchen Confidential, and Threshold)



(Thursday at 9:00 after The OC)
Original Grade: C-
Updated Grade: N/A
I stopped watching after partway through the first episode, I can’t speak to how the rest of this season has been.

Kitchen Confidential
(Monday at 8:30 after Arrested Development which you should be watching anyways)
Original Grade: A
Updated Grade: A
This show kept me laughing for all the episodes shown this season before baseball interrupted. All the casting really works, the writing is good, and is unpredictable enough to keep things interesting.

Head Cases
(Wednesday at 9:00 *Canceled)
Original Grade: B-
Updated Grade: C+
This show was canceled after only 2 episodes, so it didn’t have much time to either rise above or sink below, but it just didn’t do much of anything. As TWoP said, “The thing is, the show wasn’t bad. But it also wasn’t good. It was so totally, incredibly “meh” that the black hole of apathy its two aired episodes created has quite possibly rent a tear in the space-time continuum.?

(Tuesday at 8:00)
Original Grade: B
Updated Grade: B-
I’m going to reserve any serious judgment about Bones until I’ve seen more than 3 episodes, because I liked it, but there are still some things that bug me about it. Hopefully the upcoming episodes will address some of the shortcomings.


My Name Is Earl
(Tuesday at 9:00 before The Office)
Original Grade: A
Updated Grade: A+
My Name Is Earl has moved to the head of the class as the best new comedy this season. All the wacky, screwball antics of Earl and his brother have me constantly rolling. His ex-wife is also hysterical. I was bummed that this week was a repeat. I always look forward to watching it, it’s the first thing I’ll watch if I was out that night.

(Monday at 8:00)
Original Grade: C+
Updated Grade: N/A
I haven’t watched beyond the first episode yet, so I will give an updated grade once I watch a couple more episodes, which may or may not happen, depending on how bored I get. Apparently a lot of people like it.


(Wednesday at 10:00 after Lost)
Original Grade: D
Updated Grade: C-
I’m willing to give Invasion a second chance, as after watching the second episode, there’s a bit more intrigue, although sometimes there a scene that needs a Western Union agent because of how badly it telegraphs the plot twist. According to what I read online, the Sheriff is one of the better characters and makes the show worth watching. We’ll see, I still have several episodes I haven’t watched yet.

Commander in Chief
(Tuesday at 9:00)
Original Grade: A-
Revised Grade: A-
Still one of my must-watches of the week, although hopefully they can come up with a better way to showcase the political infighting and backstabbing in D.C. politics than to have Templeton hatch some plot that ends up backfiring on him. We get that he’s evil, move on already.


(Tuesday at 9:00 after Gilmore Girls)
Original Grade: B+
Updated Grade: B
I still like this show, although it’s not at the top of my must-watch list. One of the problems that I can see coming for this show is whether or not the season’s story arc will actually advance any from the various episode plots. As of now, none of the episodes have really addressed the arc. If they can bring a more “Buffy-like? story arc in, it might deserve an upgrade.

(Friday at 9:30 *Moved to after Reba)
Original Grade: D+
Updated Grade: C+
After watching a couple more episodes, I began to reconsider my original grade. It definitely has been less flat than the first episode was. Some of the jokes are a bit too easy, but there have been occasional bursts of creativity in the writing. I guess I expected a bit more from the creators of Will & Grace, but I guess they used all their good jokes in the first couple seasons of W&G.

Just Legal
(Monday at 9:00 *Canceled)
Original Grade: B-
Updated Grade: B
I was disappointed that this show was canceled after only 3 episodes. I thought that the characters were starting to find themselves in their roles, and the plotlines could start to flesh them out. Unfortunately it was not given that chance.

(Wednesday at 9:00 and also Monday at 9:00 in place of Just Legal)
Original Grade: C+
Updated Grade: B
This show has grown on me. Stupid WB chick shows. Ergh. The chemistry of the sisters is fairly realistic, even if some of their situations seem a little ridiculous. Still normal family dramedy stories, but I’m strangely hooked.


Everybody Hates Chris
(Thursday at 8:00)
Original Grade: A
Updated Grade: A
I think Everybody Hates Chris is going to bump Joey down the priority list when it gets to the point where there’s conflicts. Everything about this show is great, his school friend, the local bullies, his mom and dad, his siblings. The show is tremendously funny and warm. The only fault I can find is the stupid “every-body ha-ates Chris? chorus in the middle of the show. Do not watch Survivor or CSI. Watch this show.

Love, Inc.
(Thursday at 8:30)
Original Grade:N/A
Updated Grade: F
As I said before, this show stinks. I only am giving it a grade to satisfy the grading requirements, otherwise I wouldn’t bother. And I don’t think many other people are either.


How I Met Your Mother
(Monday at 8:30)
Original Grade: B+
Updated Grade: A-
How I Met Your Mother seems to have found it’s stride. I love Barney. He total makes the show. He’s kind of the “Kramer? of it. Marshall and Lily have also managed to find their niches. Of course that leaves the biggest problem which is, if Robin isn’t the mother, than who is it, and how will they resolve it and how quickly. This isn’t really that important though as the journey there is pretty enjoyable.
(Obligatory Barney quote: “Flight suit-up!?)

Out of Practice
(Monday at 9:30)
Original Grade: A-
Updated Grade: B+
Only a slight down grade for Out of Practice, because it seems that the plots haven’t been very imaginative. Otherwise, it’s been very funny and Henry Winkler is as usual, hilarious.

(Friday at 9:00 before NUMB3RS)
Original Grade: A
Updated Grade: A
Keeping the scary factor up, Threshold has continued to creep me out. And that’s a good thing. One of the best things about the aliens on Threshold has been that they are intelligent, street-smart and because of their near-normal outward appearance, disturbing. The writing has been good, the acting is good, and I don’t even think “Data? whenever Brent Spiner appears.

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