A Geek and his PVR

Fighting an uphill battle against my PVRs diminishing freespace

Watched log for Tuesday

Got in late from bar, not much on anyways.

 Bones: Girl in the fridge

The normally inscrutable Bones starts to show a softer side in this episode when her former mentor and lover shows up and is to testify in a murder case to dispute her testimony as an expert witness. Decent episode, a bit slower in pace, where they almost immediately find the cause of death, and the rest of the episode is the court case. I find it a bit unrealistic that they would be in trial so quickly though. That’s the TV justice system for you though. One of the sort of interesting backstory bits is the story of Bones’ parents disappearance and her obsession with learning the truth. According to the previews, I think the next episode will be kind of funny, in a trapped-in-a-lab-with-deadly-lung-fungus-on-Christmas kind of way.  

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