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Archive for December 5, 2005

Watched log for Sunday

Saturday Night Live; Host: Jason Lee, Musical Guest: Foo Fighters

Good episode. Monologue was funny, Weekend Update good, “‘Stachen” (as in moustache) talk show sketch good, with Horatio Sanz totally losing it. The best sketch was “The Falconer” with an Indecent Proposal spoof.

Celebrity Poker Showdown: Kevin Nealon, Oksana Baiul, Nicholas Gonzalez, Richard Belzer, Dean Cain

Desperate Housewives: Coming Home

Really, the best part of this episode was the first five minutes, when the depths of George’s dementedness are shown and Bree not understanding what the life-size “Bree-al doll” was for. (I want credit for the coining of the “Bree-al doll” moniker.

Grey’s Anatomy: Owner of a Lonely Heart

Leeches, quints, breakfast, inmates and lonely Izzie. Izzie is forced to take care of a quint that is likely to die, Christina continues to take babysteps in her relationship with Burke and also condescends to patients again. Mere does… not a whole lot, George has leech problems and Olivia-the-nurse problems. Alex has to deal with basically killing the thirsty guy from last week.  

The Dead Zone: A Very Dead Zone Christmas 

Kind of a silly episode. Doesn’t really affect the continuity any, so even though I still have 7 episodes of The Dead Zone from last season that I haven’t watched yet, it’s ok to watch this one.

The Boondocks: The Reality* (A Date With the Health Inspector)**

There were parts of the episode that had me rolling, especially the white gangstas with one of them voiced by Samuel Jackson, giving the “What ain’t no country I’ve ever heard of” speech from Pulp Fiction.

*I’m not sure, but I think Cartoon Network is not giving the correct listing information for The Boondocks, because the description and title don’t seem to match the episodes. I hope that they get it straightened out, because I would hate to miss any episodes due to mis-labeling.  

**Later re-airing of this episode had the correct title. Edited 2/26/06