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Archive for December 6, 2005

Watched log for Monday

Arrested Development: The Ocean Walker

Words cannot express how happy I was to see this back. And they had a killer of an episode. Every single time they show the “Star Wars Kid” video of George Michael, I bust up laughing. And of course, Mary Poppins flys back in while in Wee Britain. Hysterical. Damn FOX executives.

Random quote:”I’ll never catch her, she was an Olympic silv… Oh, I see now.”

Kitchen Confidential: French Fight

Michael Vartan and Bradley Cooper together again. Awesome. “It is, how you say, ON!” I’m so sorry that this show never gained enough of an audience, as I think it is one of the funniest shows on.

Monster Garage: Backyard Monsters

Out of Practice: I’ll Cry if I Want To

Jennifer Tilly is funny every time she’s on this show. There were several moments I was nearly crying from laughing. To the execs, two words. More. Crystal.

Crossing Jordan: Road Kill