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Archive for December 12, 2005

Watched log for Monday

Arrested Development: Prison Break-In

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Monster Garage: Anglia Nitro Gasser

Monster House: Tinsel Town

Comedy Central’s Last Laugh ’05

Top Gear: Season 7, Episode 1

Watched Log for Sunday

Samurai Champloo: Lullabies of the Lost, pt. 1

The Simpsons: The Italian Bob


Cheesy SciFi channel original with Shiri Appleby from Roswell and Richard Burgi of Desperate Housewives.

Crossing Jordan: A Man in Blue

Crossing Jordan: Death Goes On

The Boondocks: The Story of Gangstalicious

Because of regional programming, Grey’s Anatomy was pre-empted by the Lions losing to the Packers. Pathetic.

Grey’s Anatomy: Granma Got Run Over by a Reindeer