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Archive for January 4, 2006

Watched log for Wednesday

The 4400: The Fifth Page, Mommy’s Bosses

I knew that The 4400 wasn’t coming back in January, but I went to the site and it looks like the new season will be airing in summer. The finale was pretty sweet. Should be interesting to see where it goes based on what happened.

The Dead Zone: Coming Home, Saved

Stacked: After Party

Invasion: Unnatural Selection

Midseason grades are in!

OK, here’s a update with Midseason grades for all the new fall shows. I’ll put up some reviews of the new midseason shows once they premiere. Here’s what I’m likely to be watching that’s new. Emily’s Reason’s Why Not, Skating With Celebrities, Crumbs, Four Kings, Courting Alex. On with the grades.

Season Premiere Grades

1st Semester Grades

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