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Midseason grades are in!

OK, here’s a update with Midseason grades for all the new fall shows. I’ll put up some reviews of the new midseason shows once they premiere. Here’s what I’m likely to be watching that’s new. Emily’s Reason’s Why Not, Skating With Celebrities, Crumbs, Four Kings, Courting Alex. On with the grades.

Season Premiere Grades

1st Semester Grades


(Thursday at 9:00 *Canceled)
See previous post
They are not going to show the whole season of this show, and the producers have said they couldn’t wrap up the story in the remaining episodes, so anyone watching the show is kind of left in the lurch.

Kitchen Confidential
(Monday at 8:30 *Canceled)
Original Grade: A
Midseason Grade: A
They only showed one more episode of this series before repeating Arrested Development in its place. That episode was very funny, guess starring Michael Vartan. I’m very disappointed that this was canceled.

Head Cases
(Wednesday at 9:00 *Canceled)
See previous post.

(Tuesday at 8:00)
Original Grade: B
Midseason Grade: B+
There’s some character development going on, although some of the cases haven’t been very interesting. The chemistry does seem to be working better though.


My Name Is Earl
(Thursdays at 9:00 before The Office)
Original Grade: A
Midseason Grade: A+
Long live Jason Lee! My Name Is Earl has not lost any ground, and if anything has been funnier than ever. It moves to Thursdays against tough CSI competition, and hopefully will survive.

(Monday at 8:00)
Original Grade: C+
Midseason Grade: B
Actually, I have started to get into this show. It’s not aliens, it’s sea creatures. And there’s some sort of government cover-up of these creatures. The show is good for watching when you don’t feel like really paying attention to something.


(Wednesday at 10:00 after Lost)
Original Grade: D
Midseason Grade: C
I’m still rather behind in watching this. And just checking, looks like Invasion is staying on Wednesday, and I’m not sure where Alias is going to be. Maybe it’s being displaced by Dancing With the Stars until that run is over. Argh. Anyway, my opinion of Invasion has not been drastically changed since I haven’t watched many episodes yet.

Commander in Chief
(Tuesday at 9:00)
Original Grade: A-
Revised Grade: A-
The show hasn’t been on since Thanksgiving, but the addition of Mark-Paul Gosselar to the cast should be interesting. It is coming back, so we’ll see how the rest of the season goes.


(Tuesday at 9:00 after Gilmore Girls)
Original Grade: B+
Midseason Grade: B
Not sure if the couple episodes I still have to watch will change the grade from the pre-Sweeps grade, but it has somewhat fallen in my rankings of what to watch.

(Friday at 9:30 *Moved to after Reba)
Original Grade: D+
Midseason Grade: B-
I think the characters are starting to gel a little, and it seems to be getting a bit better.

Just Legal
(Monday at 9:00 *Canceled)
See previous post

(Monday at 9:00)
Original Grade: C+
Updated Grade: B
There are definitely some deeper issues being dealt with, and of course a lot of family stuff, but overall, it’s kept its lighthearted atmosphere.


Everybody Hates Chris
(Thursday at 8:00)
Original Grade: A
Midseason Grade: A+
Best New Sitcom of the Year. If you don’t watch, I will come over there and break your leg, or chastise you, or something.

Love, Inc.
(Thursday at 8:30)
See previous review


How I Met Your Mother
(Monday at 8:30)
Original Grade: B+
Midseason Grade: A+
All hail Barney! This has become one of my favorite shows this season. “Have you met Ted??

Out of Practice
(Monday at 9:30)
Original Grade: A-
Midseason Grade: A-
Continue the chuckle-headery! Stockard Channing anchors the show, allowing the rest of the cast to play off her, to very amusing results. Good stuff.

(Friday at 9:00 *Canceled)
Original Grade: A
Midseason Grade: A
I was very disappointed when this was canceled. The curse of the Friday Death Slot, I suppose. I really thought this would be the one that made it, but I guess it’s easier to believe that a government conspiracy is for their good rather than that of the people.

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