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Midseason grades are in for the upperclassmen

Well, here’s the midseason grades for returning shows.

First semester grades


Desperate Housewives
(Sunday at 9:00)
Midseason Grade: B
This season has been a sophomore slump if ever there was such a thing. There have been good moments, and funny moments, but overall, it’s just not the brilliant satire of last season. Everybody seems a bit meaner or something. Lynette is just crazy. 

Grey’s Anatomy
(Sunday at 10:00)
Midseason Grade: A
There was an article I read a little while ago about Grey’s Anatomy with an interview with Katherine Heigl (Izzie) and from that we know that one of the interns will be leaving and Izzie will find herself in a love triangle. Should be interesting. I really like this show. There’s a depth to the characters that is very appealing.

(Wednesday at 9:00)
Midseason Grade: A
Geez, it’s been a long time since we’ve had a new episode, so my memory is a little fuzzy, but what I remember is that this show is awesome.

(Thursday at 8:00)
Midseason Grade: B-
Alias seems to have picked up a little bit of steam during Sweeps mostly due to the episode guest starring Michael Vartan. That was actually a really good episode with a few hints that Vaughn is not actually dead. Unfortunately we have rather long wait until the next new episode, sometime in March.


(Friday at 10:00)
Midseason Grade: B
Math is awesome. That’s what this show’s message really is. There haven’t been any bad episodes, but no really great episodes, and yet I always find myself looking forward to it. It’s just a solid show with intriguing characters, especially Charlie and Prof. Fleinhart.


The Simpsons
(Sunday at 8:00)
Midseason Grade: B+
Treehouse of Horror and the Christmas episodes were really clever. Most people will agree though, that the last couple seasons haven’t been as strong as some of the earlier seasons, but there are still those moments of brilliance that remind us why we keep watching.

The Family Guy
(Sunday at 9:00)
Midseason Grade: B
Thank the TV gods they brought back Family Guy. I started watching it on Cartoon Network and soon got hooked. It’s crude and occasionally very esoteric, but very funny. I think the episodes they’ve shown this season have been really great. And thankfully whoever runs the promo department hasn’t shown all the funny parts of the episodes in the promos. There’s usually some sort of surprise plotline or tangent that ends up being hilarious.

American Dad
(Sunday at 9:30)
Midseason Grade: B-
Not much to say about it, it’s amusing, and will stay in the queue, but it hasn’t been a breakout hit to me.

Arrested Development
(Monday at 8:00)
Midseason Grade: A+
I still don’t understand why people don’t watch. It’s the funniest show on TV, hands down. This last episode “S.O.B.s? or “Save Our Bluths? was awesome, skewering every silly promo idea that shows use to raise ratings, from a special “3-D? section, to a cavalcade of guest stars, and even a “live? segment.

That 70’s Show
(Wednesday at 8:00)
Midseason Grade: B
Eric’s gone, and Kelso was only around for a couple episodes. More Fez is not what we wanted. Although the episode where they stole the clown was pretty funny.

(Wednesday at 8:30)
Midseason Grade: B+
I think the writing has been better this season than previously. Either that, or my expectations are just a lot lower.

The O.C.
(Thursday at 8:00)
Midseason Grade: B+
As crazy as the first couple episodes of the season were, the rest so far have been somewhat calmer. I don’t expect this to last as Marissa’s sister is returning, and at least according to the promos, she will be very much her mother’s daughter. As in, be-yotch! Also, in homage to 90210, they gang will attempt to get Marissa re-enrolled at Harbor so she can graduate with everybody.

Malcolm in the Middle
(Friday at 8:30)
Midseason Grade: B+
This is a show that has continued to sort of fly under the radar. Which means, either it will be canceled soon, or continue for a couple more years. It’s still pretty funny, although there’s been less Stevie and not enough Francis for my taste.


Crossing Jordan
(Sunday at 10:00)
Midseason Grade: B-
This fulfills my Crime Scene Investigation quota, without having to submit to the plethora of C.S.I.s that invade other nights of the week. Maybe they’ll finally get Jordan and Woody together. 

(Monday at 10:00)
Midseason Grade: A-
This season has been really good. Riveting, really, although the 3-D episode was a little over-the-top and cheesy, but as a general rule, it’s one of the shows I make a point of watching live every week. 

The Office
(Tuesday at 9:30)
Midseason Grade: A
I think it was really the Christmas Party episode that has sold me completely on the show. I’ve watched it a couple times and it’s funnier every time. I think the upcoming “booze cruise? episode should be awesome.

“I’ve decided to quit drinking. During the week.? 

(Thursday at 8:30)
Midseason Grade: B-
Nothing much changed here. It’s been bumped down the priority list though in favor of Everybody Hates Chris


Veronica Mars
(Wednesday at 9:00)
Midseason Grade: A
Continued awesome-ness. Jury episode was slightly weak, but still a thousand times better than 99% of the other shows out there.


Gilmore Girls
(Tuesday at 8:00)
Midseason Grade: A
Yay! Rory and Lorelei have reconciled! There’s a wedding date to be set! Luke has an illegitimate child! Huh? Yeah. That was kind of a plotline I didn’t expect. We shall see how it works out. Otherwise though, good season, especially the episode where Lane’s band has a meltdown at an industry showcase. (For clarification, I am not in the “Logan-haters? club, more like the “Logan-meh? club.)

(Thursday at 8:00)
Midseason Grade: C-
I’m not sure that I can explain why I still watch this show, except for the fact that it gives me something to complain about. Aquaman episode was quite lame, Lexmas was lame, sorority vampire lesbians somehow made lame.

(Thursday at 9:00)
Midseason Grade: A-
As usual, stellar writing, excellent direction and visuals, along with a scene stealing Bright Abbott have propelled along this season. For excellent non-soapy drama, this is the place to be. 

What I Like About You
(Friday at 8:00 *Additional episode at 8:30)
Midseason Grade: C
Generally amusing, and I think Amanda Bynes is really funny. And Jennie Garth is also very funny, too bad the writing isn’t as funny as either of them. I hope there’s not a shark close to the set, as they might just jump it.

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