A Geek and his PVR

Fighting an uphill battle against my PVRs diminishing freespace

Watched log for Wednesday

Crossing Jordan: Loves Me Not

Lost: Revelation, The 23rd Psalm

One episode was merely a recap, whilst the other… ohmygod! This episode delved into the background of Mister Eko, who was forced to join up with Nigerian bandits when a child. It’s also where Charlie is outed as a statue stasher. Eko also has a face-to-face meeting with Lost-zilla, which is a big cloud of black smoke. It seemed to reflect Eko’s memories in it. Very interesting. Michael IMed with Walt again and Locke taught him to shoot. I wonder is Eko has a large sum of money in a bank account that he will give you 10% of for helping move it out of the country?

Mythbusters: Paper Crossbow

Stacked: Romancing the Stones

Good Eats: My Pod:Vanilla

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