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Archive for January 26, 2006

Review: Life On Mars

Life On Mars
Mondays on the BBC, episodes available from various BitTorrent sites for those in the US
Grade: A-

Life On Mars is the story of Sam Tyler, a detective inspector, on the case of a serial murderer, who gets hit by a car and falls into a coma. Inside this comatose state, he is transported back to 1973, where he finds that he is an inspector working on a murder that seems to be the work of the same killer. Unsure of how to exit the coma or if he even is just imagining everything, he decides to stay.

At its core, Life On Mars is a fish-out-of-water drama, but with an added supernatural element. Sam wants desperately to go back to his own time to help his girlfriend, but the clues he finds in the past might help him in the future. The biggest problems he faces are the “backwardness� of the times, e.g. sexism, an absence of sophisticated forensic tools, and as he regards it, a lack of professionalism. It’s very Starsky and Hutch but in England.

I decided to check out the show based on a description on TVSquad (damn you guys for giving me something else to watch) and so far I haven’t been disappointed. It’s very well written, the acting is excellent. Actually the worst thing about the show is more a fault of mine, as I have a problem understanding some of the slang. If you get a chance, download an episode or two and check it out.

Watched log for Wednesday

Smallville: Lockdown

Clark is an idiot and totally gay. That’s the whole episode. Oh, and Lex and Lana play “Panic Room” whilst being questioned about the vanishing spaceship. This week’s episode should be just as gay. Spoilers predict that one of the title sequence characters will die. And it’s someone Clark loves, so it must be Lex.

Battlestar Galactica: Epiphanies

BBQ With Bobby Flay: BBQ Bashes

Sealab 2021: Bizarro

Lost: Fire Plus Water

Bones: Woman at the Airport

Mythbusters: Archimedes Death Ray (Revisited)

Good Eats: Raising the Bar