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Archive for January 31, 2006

Watched log for Tuesday

Gilmore Girls: Friday Night’s Alright For Fighting

The Simpsons: We’re on the Road to D’Ohwhere

Nor do I condone…

Well, just a few words about downloading TV shows off the internet. I don’t have any here, nor do I encourage or condone such downloading. But if you really must, try mininova.org. And give Life On Mars a try.  

Watched log for Monday

Skating With Celebrities: Episode 3

After the elimination last week, the scores were reset. So, whoever scores lowest is eliminated. Deborah and Kurt have been eliminated, even though Kristy and Lloyd were confused and thought that they had been eliminated. Wow, that’s a lot of “eliminated”s in one paragraph.

24: Day 5: 12:00PM-1:00PM

Iron Chef America: Secrets of Kitchen Stadium

American Chopper: FANtasy Bike 3, FANtasy Bike 4

Courting Alex: Is She Really Going Out With Him?