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Archive for February 14, 2006

Watched log for Tuesday

Overhaulin’: Overlord

Gilmore Girls: A Vineyard Valentines

Monster House: Pirate House

Top Gear: Winter Olympics

Watched log for Monday

Final Destination 3 (at the theater!)

Skating With Celebrities: Episode 5

Wow, a skate-off between Jillian and John and Tai and Bruce. I really do think that Kristy has come a long way on this show and her and Lloyd do deserve to be in the final. And in the skate-off, I think Bruce and Tai were good but not good enough. And as the judges keep pointing out, there’s not much chemistry between Jillian and John. As expected, Jillian and John are going to the finals.

Desperate Housewives: Silly People

The Boondocks: Let’s Nab Oprah