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Watched log for Monday

Final Destination 3 (at the theater!)

Skating With Celebrities: Episode 5

Wow, a skate-off between Jillian and John and Tai and Bruce. I really do think that Kristy has come a long way on this show and her and Lloyd do deserve to be in the final. And in the skate-off, I think Bruce and Tai were good but not good enough. And as the judges keep pointing out, there’s not much chemistry between Jillian and John. As expected, Jillian and John are going to the finals.

Desperate Housewives: Silly People

The Boondocks: Let’s Nab Oprah

Watched log for Sunday

Samurai Champloo: Cosmic Collision

Everybody Hates Chris: Everybody Hates Valentine’s Day

Grey’s Anatomy: (As We Know It)

Number 1 Single: Cats and Dogs

Watched log for Saturday

Burst Angel: Episodes 13, Episode 14

This series is pretty cool. I’ve been watching it a friends house, so I only have been watching somewhat sporatically, but, I think the best part of it is the theme song, with its abundant use of “Engrish”.

Watched log for Friday

Arrested Development: Fakin’ It, Family Ties, Exit Strategy, Development Arrested

That 70’s Show: Killer Queen

Four Kings: Follow the Money

The hits keep coming…

Ok, some people have been looking for theme songs. Here’s a link to a story at TVSquad where you find the theme song for the Boondocks.

Watched log for Thursday

My Name Is Earl: The Professor

The Office: Valentine’s Day

Watched log for Wednesday

Veronica Mars: Ain’t No Magic Mountain High Enough

This was kind of a strange episode of VM. I’m not really sure why though.

Watched log for Tuesday

Gilmore Girls: You’ve Been Gilmored

Scrubs: My Half-Acre, Her Story II

Love Monkey: Confidence

Watched log for Monday

Barbeque with Bobby Flay: Extreme BBQ

Skating With Celebrities: Episode 4

Well, Kristy and Lloyd had a very strong program, being first out. Jillian and John also had a good performance. Dave and Nancy’s program though, was kind of boring. Bruce and Tai were OK, and it was definitely their best performance yet. So, Dave and Nancy were eliminated.
In other skating related news, I saw Tonya Harding in a promo for something, and she looks nas-ty! Whiskey! Tango! (That’s white-trash for y’all not in the know)

24: Day 5: 1:00PM-2:00PM

I love how in the middle of a crisis, everyone still is also dealing with personal issues, like Lynne’s drug-addict sister and the Jack-Audrey-Diane love-no-love triangle. There’s always another crisis just around the corner.

Medium: A Changed Man

How I Met Your Mother: Zip, Zip, Zip

Barney Quote: “It’s Quid Pro Bro.”

Courting Alex: Girlfriend

Surface: Episode 15

Watched log for Sunday

Overhaulin’: Neighborhood Watching

Commander In Chief: Wind Beneath My Wing

Supernatural: Bugs

Invasion: Fish Story

Superbowl XL

Grey’s Anatomy: It’s the End of the World

What I Like About You: Desperate Girlfriends

Number 1 Single: Following the Rules (The Rules of Dating)

Watched log for Saturday

Samurai Champloo: Elegy of Entrapment Verse 2

Numbers: Harvest

Stargate SG-1: Ethon

Stargate Atlantis: The Tower

Battlestar Galactica: Scar

Monk: Mr. Monk and the Big Reward

Kino’s Journeys: Life Goes On, The Tower Country

Saturday Night Live: Steve Martin, Prince

Surface: Episode 14

Watched log for Friday

Burst Angel: Episodes 3-12 (look up the title if you’re really interested)
I watched the first couple episodes the other week, and they were pretty good. Now that I’m a little farther in the story is beginning to pick up. The animation style is fun and the theme song is weirdly good.

Mythbusters: Helium Football

Twins: When I Move, You Move

Related: London Calling

Watched log for Thursday

Monk: Mr. Monk and the Captain’s Marriage

Smallville: Vengeance

The O.C.: The Cliffhanger

That 70’s Show: Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

Everybody Hates Chris: Everybody Hates Picture Day

Four Kings: The Elephant in the Room

My Name Is Earl: Something to Live For

The Office: Boys and Girls

Crumbs: Jody Crumb, Superstar

Watched log for Wednesday

Family Guy: Patriot Games

American Dad: Finances With Wolves

Veronica Mars: Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle

Bones: The Woman in the Car

Good Eats: Tender Is the Loin 2

South Park: Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow

The Boondocks: The Garden Party