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Archive for March 6, 2006

Technical Difficulties

Well, this weekend I was having problems with my DVR computer. I was getting stuttering video and random lockups. I realized that one of the hard drives had started to go bad, mainly due to being overheated in the case. So, I ended up replacing the two 160Gb drives with a 400Gb which runs a bit cooler. I ended not recording a few things Friday, luckily my friend, who runs a much more insane version of a PVR computer, had recorded the stuff I missed, and anything else he didn’t, I guess I’ll have to download or wait for it to end up in repeats. Ah the joys of geek-itude. 

Watched log for Sunday

Lord of War

Jersey Girl

Monster House: Motocross House, Farewell House

The Oscars (or Academy Awards… whatever)

I watched a couple hours at my parent’s house, Jon Stewart was pretty good, there were some good bits, and some strange things.

What I Like About You: Garden State

Twins: Blast From the Past