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Archive for March 8, 2006

Watched log for Wednesday

Skating With Celebrities: Episode 7

The Finals! Of course there’s the recapping of the previous episodes, and the return of eliminated contestants. I thought Kristy and Lloyd really skated well, and John and Jillian turned down the speed a little bit, and skated very well also, although Jillian attempted an axle, but fell.

And the winner is Kristy and Lloyd!

This kind of surprised me, as I had heard very early that John and Jillian won. Of course I also saw on the web that Kristy and Lloyd won, but I avoided reading those stories until I finally got a chance to watch the show. Not bad for a cheesy reality show. Now I just read that Kristy and Lloyd are dating. Homewrecker! Just kidding.
Iron Chef America: Bobby Flay vs. Chef Beau

Battle American Kobe Beef. Mmm. Beef. Interesting in the last couple battles, the challengers are being allowed to choose the Iron Chef they are to face. I’m trying to remember if in the beginning of the original Iron Chef, the chairman would chose the Iron Chef. Judges are Ted Allen, Barbara, and Andrew Firestone, the former Bachelor. Man this looks so good.

And the winner? The Challenger!

Bones: The Man on the Fairway

Mythbusters: Franklin’s Kite

Sons and Daughters: Anniversary Party, Bowling Night

Pretty funny, full review to come.

Watched log for Tuesday

Joey: Joey and the Snowball Fight

Scrubs: My Five Stages

American Chopper: Senior’s Vintage Project 2