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Archive for March 15, 2006

Watched log for Wednesday

Sons and Daughters: Film Festival

Bones: Two Bodies in the Lab

Veronica Mars: Versatile Toppings

Veronica Mars, oh how I’ve missed you. Great episode. MOTW was interesting as was the motivation. They also moved along the season’s mystery nicely. Well played.
“You’re like rich-dude Kryptonite, Veronica.” -Dick Casablancas

Preview for next week looks awesome. The return of Haaron and Kendall! Scandalous.

The Loop: Pilot

Very funny. Full review to come.

Mythbusters: Cell Phones on Planes

Watched log for Tuesday

Scrubs: My Own Personal Hell

The Boondocks: The Block Is Hot*

*Cartoon Network had this episode labeled as “The Joy of Graffiti” but I think that may have been the alternate title for “Riley Wuz Here”. I looked in the episode guide on Adult Swim and the description matched this episode.