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Archive for March 23, 2006

Watched log for Thursday

Family Guy: I Take Three, Quagmire

That 70’s Show: Son and Daughter

The Loop: Tiger Express

The O.C.: The Undertow, The Journey

My Name Is Earl: Y2k

Review of The Loop

The Loop
(Thursdays on FOX at 8:30 after That 70’s Show)

Sam (Bret Harrison; Grounded For Life) is the youngest executive at TransAlliance Airways. He is also the only one of his friends with a “real? job, i.e. one with a desk and paperwork and everything else in an office. He lives with his older brother Sully(Eric Christian Olsen), the slacker, and two friends from college, Piper (Amanda Loncar), the girl he likes but, who is attached and oblivious to his intentions, and the hot bartender girl, Lizzy (Sarah Mason; Quintuplets).

He has to constantly balance work and his social life, sometimes to the detriment of both. At work, he is berated by his cantankerous boss, Russ (Philip Baker Hall), harassed by the VP, Meryl (Mimi Rogers), and belittled by his MIT-educated assistant, Darcy.

I’m excited to see that Bret Harrison has a lead role, after the cancelation of the little-appreciated Grounded For Life. He definitely seems to be holding together this band of misfits rather well. So far the show has been pretty consistently funny, although his friends seem to be the weak point of the cast.

From my perspective, having recently had to make a similar transition from college to career while my friends all continued to party, I can certainly sympathize with his situation, which may make it all that funnier for me.

So, anyway, decent cast, good writing, and just enough goofiness make this an agreeable way to travel.

Grade: B+

Watched log for Wednesday

Overhaulin’: Hot Head

Bones: The Woman in the Tunnel

Lost: The Whole Truth

Yay! New Lost episode. So, there’s a Sun pregnancy plot, Henry the balloonist’s map, and Locke’s hatch. Charlie was less annoying.

Widmore Labs… wonder if that’ll be important. Just looked it up, and there may be other Widmore companies that may be important.

Weird how the island seems to have some sort of curative powers. Locke’s legs, Sun’s faulty/not faulty fallopian tubes. It’s a miracle.

Veronica Mars: The Quick and the Wed

OMG! Tinseltown Diaries! ROFL! Awesome. Oh, I would love to know what #8 is on the Bachelorette scavengar hunt list. Also awesome was the Silence of the Lambs callback. Ah, Kendall. Haaron. Awesome.

Out of Pratice: Model Behavior

Courting Alex: The Mattress