A Geek and his PVR

Fighting an uphill battle against my PVRs diminishing freespace

Watched log for Wednesday

Overhaulin’: Hot Head

Bones: The Woman in the Tunnel

Lost: The Whole Truth

Yay! New Lost episode. So, there’s a Sun pregnancy plot, Henry the balloonist’s map, and Locke’s hatch. Charlie was less annoying.

Widmore Labs… wonder if that’ll be important. Just looked it up, and there may be other Widmore companies that may be important.

Weird how the island seems to have some sort of curative powers. Locke’s legs, Sun’s faulty/not faulty fallopian tubes. It’s a miracle.

Veronica Mars: The Quick and the Wed

OMG! Tinseltown Diaries! ROFL! Awesome. Oh, I would love to know what #8 is on the Bachelorette scavengar hunt list. Also awesome was the Silence of the Lambs callback. Ah, Kendall. Haaron. Awesome.

Out of Pratice: Model Behavior

Courting Alex: The Mattress


  Tony wrote @

Actually in one of the flashbacks, the Doctor told Sun that the reason they could not have kids was because of Jin, not her. I was thinking the same thing about the island until that flashback. I think she was with the guy who was teaching her English and it is his child, not Jin’s.

  geekpvr wrote @

I did catch that, but I think I wrote that bit during the first half of the episode. The thing about the English tutor though, for as long as they’ve been on the island (~2 months) I think she would have noticed she was pregnant after the first month if it had been the hotel guy. That and the look she has after confessing Jin’s supposed infertility makes me believe it actually is Jin’s child. Crazier things have happened on that island.

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