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Archive for April 20, 2006

Watched log for Thursday

Good Eats: Olive Me

Smallville: Fragile,

The New Adventures of Old Christine: A Long Day's Journey Into Stan

The O.C.: The College Try

Commander In Chief: The Price You Pay

American Inventor: Episode 6 (Catch Vest, In-brella, Sackmaster)

Ed is the mentor for three of the inventors. Man they really draw it out though, eliminating 2 of the contestants and passing on the Catch Vest to the next round. 

Watched log for Wednesday

Alias: S.O.S., Maternal Instinct

Weird, lots of episodes of shows recently with the title S.O.S. OMG! Lena-fucking-Olin! Yeah! Greg Grunberg too. This is the Alias I've been expecting. OMG! Monk-Vaughn! And next week, Will and Anna Espinosa! Awesome!

Less Than Perfect: The Devil Wears Burberry (Part 1)

Didn't know until recently that this show hadn't been canceled.