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Archive for June 14, 2006

Watched log for Wednesday

What About Brian: Sex, Lies and Videotape

South Park: TSST!

The New Adventures of Old Christine: Supertramp

American Inventor: Episode 8 (Headliner, Word Ace, Toner Belt), Episode 12 (Restroom Survival Kit, Anecia Spherical Safety Seat, Pure Flush)

Peter's the mentor and chooses Word Ace

Doug's the mentor and chooses Anecia Spherical Safety Seat.
(I didn't keep/watch the "Best of Auditions" so that's why there's missing episodes. Plus I haven't found/looked for a comprehensive episode guide and I may not have the correct episode numbers.)

The Tick: The Tick vs. Education

The Tick teaches a class on being a superhero. One of my Top 5 favorite episodes. Love Sarcastro.