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Archive for July, 2006

Watched log for Monday

Life On Mars: Episode 8 (Season Finale)

Oban Star Racers: Surprising Like Super-Racer

Kyle XY: Blame It on the Rain

The Closer: Critical Missing

Saved: Secrets & Lies

Watched log for Sunday

Good Eats: Behind the Eats

The Tick: Tick Vs. Prehistory

Iron Chef America: Batali vs. Tramanto/Gand

Secret Ingredient: Fennel
Judges: Mo Rocca, Dana Cowin, Ed Levine
Winner: Batali

The 4400: The Ballad of Kevin and Tess

BBQ with Bobby Flay: Creative ‘Cues

Reno 911!: S04E04

Life On Mars: Episode 7

Watched log for Saturday

Monk: Mr. Monk Can’t See a Thing

Psych: Woman Seeking Dead Husband: Smokers Okay, No Pets

The Dead Zone: Lotto Fever

Saved: Who Do You Trust?

Stargate SG-1: The Pegasus Project

Stargate Atlantis: Irresistible

Eureka 7: Opposite View

Feasting On Asphault: The South Shall Fry Again (Series Premiere)

Watched log for Friday

BBQ with Bobby Flay: Beautiful BBQs

Watched log for Thursday

Kyle XY: This Is Not A Test

The 4400: Blink

Overhaulin’: Junk In The Trunk

Throwdown With Bobby Flay: Chili

Windfall: Answered Prayers

Watched log for Wednesday

Oban Star Racers: Agile Like Aikka

Mythbusters: Killer Whirlpool

Watched log for Tuesday

Dead Like Me: Dead Girl Walking, Curious George

Eureka: Many Happy Returns