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Watched log for Saturday

‘Til Death: The Wood Pile

Men In Trees: Sink or Swim

Mail Call: LCAC, Calvary Saddles, K-Bar, Gas Mask

Numb3rs: Two Daughters

Weeds: Must Find Toes

Watched log for Thursday

Eureka: H.O.U.S.E.

Smallville: Zod (Season Premiere)

“Kneel before Zod!” has never sounded any gayer.

Grey’s Anatomy: I Am a Tree

Six Degrees: What Are the Odds?

My Name Is Earl: Jump for Joy

The Office: The Convention

Ugly Betty: Pilot (Series Premiere)
Good, funny, interesting but there are some weird elements. The “dead” former editor subplot is strange, and the Wilhemina character a little too Cruela DeVille cartoon villain-y. Otherwise though, I enjoyed it, and will keep watching.

Grade: B+

Watched log for Wednesday

Smith: Two

Bones: The Truth in the Lye

Justice: Wrongful Death

Good Eats: Okraphobia

Watched log for Tuesday

Gilmore Girls: The Long Morrow (Season Premiere)

Still kind of a bummer. I sure hope that Lorelei and Luke realize what they’ve done, even if they don’t get back together.

Help Me Help You: Pilot (Series Premiere)

Pretty funny, lots of comedy veterans. Don’t know if Majandra Delfino is a series regular, or Lindsay Sloane either. I guess I’ll be keeping it on the schedule for now.

Grade: B+

Dead Like Me: In Escrow, Rites of Passage

Watched log for Monday

Three Moons Over Milford: Goodnight Moon (Season Finale)

The Class: The Class Visits a Hospital

How I Met Your Mother: The Scorpion and the Toad

Heroes: Genesis (Series Premiere)

Cool. Very cool. I like it a lot. Neat concept, although a bit The 4400 in it’s main precept. I find the character Claire most fascinating. Her screwy family certainly plays into the superhero origins. And like the review over at TVSquad, I’m glad they acknowledge comic books for a lot of the inspiration. I sure hope that the hype is able to sustain it long enough that it doesn’t get canceled soon.

Grade: A-

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: The Cold Open

The New Adventures of Old Christine: The Answer Is Maybe

Oban Star Racers: Nervous Like Ning & Skun

Watched log for Sunday

Jeff Dunham: Arguing With Myself

Eureka 7: Crack Pot

Shark: Pilot (Series Premiere)

Interesting, James Woods is good, the supporting cast, kind of weak. Don’t know yet if I want to watch another crime-procedural.

Grade: B-

Saved: Triage

Pepper Dennis: Saving Venice: Film at Eleven

Supernatural: Scarecrow

Desperate Housewives: Listen to the Rain on the Roof (Season Premiere)

Brothers and Sisters: Patriarchy

The Venture Brothers: I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills

The Simpsons: Please Homer, Don’t Hammer ‘Em

American Dad: Failure Is Not a Factory Installed Option

Family Guy: Hell Comes to Quahog

Watched log for Saturday

Smith: Pilot (Series Premiere)

Ray Liotta. Check. Amy Smart. Check. Bad guys. Check. I like caper movies as a general rule, so I liked this show. I think that some of the back story expositioned was unnecessary in the first episode, but it should be useful if the show lasts.

Grade: B-

Stargate SG-1: The Quest (Half-Season Finale)

Stargate Atlantis: The Return (Half-Season Finale)

Three Moons Over Milford: Confessions of a Dangerous Moon

“Telling the truth is like the new lying”

Men In Trees: For What It’s Worth…

College Football: U of M vs. Wisconsin

Numb3rs: Spree (Season Premiere)

MI-5: The Special Part 2

Supernatural: Nightmare, The Benders
Just Legal: The Rainmaker

Relative Chaos

Cheese-aroni. Christopher Gorham, Nicholas Brendon and Charisma Carpenter couldn’t save this movie. Oh well, it was a Family Channel movie, so I didn’t expect much.

Overhaulin’: Roadies Stole My ‘Vette!

Just Friends

Watched log for Friday

Numb3rs: Backscatter, Undercurrents, Hot Shot (Season Finale)

Six Degrees: Pilot (Series Premiere)

J.J., I trust you, but my confidence is somewhat wavering from this show. It didn’t really grab me, although I know Felicity was kind of a slow-burn at first. The hook of inter-connectedness didn’t immediately have me falling for this show, but hopefully character development and story will pick up.

Grade: C+

Eureka: Purple Haze

Watched log for Thursday

My Name Is Earl: Very Bad Things (Season Premiere)

The Office: Gay Witch Hunt (Season Premiere)

Dwight using the “Gay-dar” was hysterical

Grey’s Anatomy: Time Has Come Today (Season Premiere)

The Ultimate Fighter:

Throwdown with Bobby Flay: Mixology

‘Til Death: The Ring

Happy Hour: Larry’s Birthday

Watched log for Wednesday

Bones: The Blonde in the Game

Justice: Addicts

Good Eats: Peachy Keen

Watched log for Tuesday

Dead Like Me: The Shallow End, Hurry

Weeds: Crush Girl Love Panic

Watched log for Monday

The Class: Pilot (Series Premiere)
Sort of funny. Kind of formulaic. I like Jason Ritter, Andrea Anders and Lizzy Kaplan (of the only-watched-by-me Related). Hopefully it should improve, because there are definately the seeds of a good show there.


How I Met Your Mother: Where Were We? (Season Premiere)

The New Adventures Of Old Christine: The Passion of the Christine (Season Premiere)

Oban Star Racers: Fierce Like Lord Furter

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: Pilot (Series Premiere)

Watched log for Sunday

Eureka 7: Runaway

Just Legal: The Heater

MI-5: The Special (Part 1)

The Simpsons: Jazzy and the Pussycats

American Dad: The American Dad After School Special

Family Guy: Mother Tucker

Iron Chef America: Flay vs. Dechellis

Secret Ingredient: Chicken Eggs
Judges: Ted Allen, Julie White, Jeffrey Steingarten
Winner: Bobby Flay

Three Moons Over Milford: Wrestlemoonia

Crossing Jordan: Mysterious Ways

Watched log for Saturday

Men In Trees: Power Shift

Stargate SG-1: Company of Thieves

Stargate Atlantis: Phantoms

Three Moons Over Milford: Dog Day Afternoon