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Watched log for Saturday

Deep Blue Sea

Ghost Ship

The Fog (2005)

It was crappy movie night. The movies, they were crappy. – …. . … . / — — …- .. . … / – . .-.. . –. .-. .- .–. …. . -.. / . …- . .-. -.– – …. .. -. –. (Translation: These movies telegraphed everything)

The Holiday

Suprisingly winning. Charming and not too schmaltzy. Kate Winslet + good light = beautiful.

Grade: A-

Watched log for Friday

Pepper Dennis: Curtis Wilson Is a Total Nutjob: Film at Eleven, Hiroshi Watanabe  in Bed With Curtis Wilson: Film at Eleven

My Boys: Myths (Season Finale)

Numb3rs: Provenance, The Mole

Watched log for Thursday

The Inside Story of…: iPod

My Boys: When Heroes Fall From Grace, Released

Justice: Crucified, Death Spiral, Shark Week
Casino Royale

Excellent. Actually, really cool. A great re-imagining of the series. Daniel Craig is James Bond. The only problem was the overly long ending, but that was necessary to set up the series.

Grade: A-

Pepper Dennis: Celebrity Twin Could Hang: Film at Eleven

Watched log for Wednesday

Shark: Fashion Police

Smallville: Sneeze, Wither, Arrow

Watched log for Tuesday

Dead Like Me: Haunted

Big Day: Alice Can’t Dance, Boobzilla

My Boys: Managers, Take One for the Team

Watched log for Monday

Dead Like Me: Last Call, Always

Planetes: Eps. 2-4

Watched log for Sunday

Merry Christmas Eve, everybody!

Dead Like Me: Be Still My Heart, Death Defying, Ahses to Ashes, Forget Me Not