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Archive for December 3, 2006

Watched log for Sunday

Grey’s Anatomy: Don’t Stand So Close to Me

Men In Trees: New York Fiction

What About Brian: What About What Was Supposed to Be

Eureka 7: Start It Up

American Hot Rod: ’36 Roadster 1, ’36 Roadster 2, ’36 Roadster 3

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition:  Lewis Family

Iron Chef America: Batali vs. Blais

Secret Ingredient: Garbanzo Beans
Judges: Jeff Corwin, Maureen Petrosky, Drew Nieporen
Winner: Iron Chef Batali

The Librarian: Return to King Solomon’s Mines 

Watched log for Saturday

Ugly Betty: Fake Plastic Snow

Lost: I Do

Battlestar Galactica: Unfinished Business

Oban Star Racers: Ominous Like O, Revelations