A Geek and his PVR

Fighting an uphill battle against my PVRs diminishing freespace

Watched log for Sunday

Eureka 7: Cosmic Trigger

The Surreal Life Fame Games: V for Variety

Hogan Knows Best: Knobbs Invades

Monk: Mr. Monk Visits a Farm

Psych: Cloudy… Chance of Murder

Desperate Housewives: I Remember That

Brothers & Sisters: Valentine’s Day Massacre

Battlestar Galactica: The Woman King

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  jose pguero wrote @

hello, the is about a story that have students after that school go street racing (like the anime people and the toyota cars etc.)people start racing cops find them hot pursuit chase the whole bit.Winners of that town go to what you call the cayon. The truth is only one realy makes it down the entire canyon like peolpe fall of the edge just like the movie (TOKYO DRIFT)
theme- Prince Of Tennis Town
charater- drawn like the people in MAR
please put this cartoon on toonami it will be very good beacause i did a survey in school about this idea and i got a positive reaction please try it. i am 14 years old fan of cartoon network so whats not there to like. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY ME I JUST WANT TO WATCH IT ON TV

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