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Archive for March, 2007

Watched log for Friday

American Chopper: HP 1

A Mighty Wind 

Medium: Whatever Possessed You

Top Gear of the Pops Comic Relief Special

Life On Mars: S02E03

Watched log for Thursday

Dinner: Impossible: Beg, Borrow and Steal: Tailgating: Impossible

Andy Barker P.I.: Three Days of the Chicken

The Office: Diversity Day, Health Care, Sexual Harassment

October Road: Tomorrow’s So Far Away

Throwdown with Bobby Flay: Fish and Chips

Watched log for Wednesday

Smallville: Justice

Sealab 2021: Chickmate

Bones: The Priest in the Churchyard

Crossing Jordan: Fall From Grace

Cool cameos, Carla Gallo (Undeclared) and Meredith Monroe (Andi, Dawson’s Creek)

Lost: Exposé

Wow. Another great episode.

In Case of Emergency: Disorder in the Court (Possibly incorrectly labeled/out of order, real episode title “The Good, the Bad, and the Mob”)

Watched log for Tuesday

Bullrun: E03

Everybody Hates Chris: Everybody Hates Baseball

Smallville: Hydro

Wow. This is a horrible episode. Like, I can’t even describe why it’s horrible. The Lex/Clark scenes were awful. Tori Spelling… not super fabulous. I skipped an episode and didn’t miss anything. Gah. Pretty soon I won’t be watching anything on the CW if I give up Smallville and if Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls are both canceled.

Watched log for Monday

Six Degrees: Slings and Arrows

Raines: Meet Juan Doe

24: Day 6: 8:00PM-9:00PM

What About Brian: What About Calling All Friends (Season (Series?) Finale)

The Riches: Operation Education

Watched log for Sunday

Dice: Undisputed: S01E05

Numb3rs: Democracy

The Simpsons: Homerazzi

The Dresden Files: The Other Dick

Battlestar Galactica: Crossroads Pt. 2 (Season Finale)

Wow. That was freaking awesome. Horrible that we won’t have another new episode until freakin’ 2008! Suck.

Family Guy: No Meals on Wheels

American Dad: Apocalypse to Remember

Surreal Life Fame Games: Ice Ice Storm

Watched log for Saturday

The Wedding Bells: Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Disaster

American Hot Rod: ’57 Chevy 3

Eureka 7: Planet Rock