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Well, here’s my take on what the upfronts mean to me. What shows I’m excited about, what shows I’m sorry to see leave, and which I’m glad are gone.

See the list of what’s canceled, staying, new and what’s moving after the break.

BTW, Many thanks to the bloggers at TVSquad for their compilation of these lists. 

FOX Upfronts

Returning: ‘Til Death, House, Bones, The Simpsons, Family Guy, King of the Hill, American Dad, America’s Most Wanted, Cops, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? , American Idol, 24, Prison Break

New: K-Ville, New Amsterdam, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Back to You, Return of Jezebel James, Rules for Starting Over, Kitchen Nightmares, Canterbury’s Law, Nashville 

Canceled: The Winner, Standoff, Drive, The War at HomeThe O.C., Justice, Happy Hour, The Rich List, Vanished, The Wedding Bells, The Loop 

My Take: I’m glad that Bones has been renewed, but sorely disappointed that Drive was so swiftly canceled and barely given a chance. Also disappointing was the departure of The O.C. considering it’s creative upturn this year, but that could have been due to the knowledge that it was ending and they pulled out all the stops. 24 is coming back for 2 more seasons at least, which should be sweet. I read that The Loop’s remaining episodes are to be burned off during summer.  As for the new shows, I’m interested in New Amsterdam and The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but most of the others, I’m not sure about as of yet. Maybe when I see a couple more previews come fall. One last thing, I can’t believe they renewed ‘Til Death. I thought it was horrible.

CW  Upfronts

Returning: Everybody Hates Chris, America’s Next Top Model, The Game, Girlfriends, Smallville, Supernatural, One Tree Hill (mid-season), Pussycat Dolls: The Search for the Next Doll, WWE SmackDown! 

New: Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants, Hidden Palms (Premieres on May 30th), Aliens in America, Gossip Girl, Reaper, Life is Wild, Online Nation (formerly Viewsers), CW Now, Farmer Takes a Wife

Canceled: All of Us; Gilmore Girls; Reba; Runaway; Seventh Heaven; Veronica Mars 

Moving: Beauty and the Geek (Tuesdays at 8PM) 

My Take: CW, you suck. You canceled 2 of my favorite ever shows, Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars. Thank god you finally saw the light and canceled 7th Heaven though. I’m sort of interested in Reaper and Aliens in America, otherwise I could not watch the CW except for Smallville, which I don’t really know why I still watch.

CBS Upfronts

Returning: The Amazing Race, Cold Case, 60 Minutes, How I Met Your Mother, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Two and a Half Men, Rules of Engagement, CSI: Miami, NCIS, The Unit, Criminal Minds, CSI: NY, Survivor, CSI, Shark, Without A Trace, Ghost Whisperer, Numb3rs, 48 Hours Mystery

New: Viva Laughlin, Swingtown, Moonlight, Cane, Big Bang Theory, Power of 10, Kid Nation 

Canceled: King of Queens, Jericho, The Class, Close To Home 

Moving: Without A Trace moves back to Thursday at 10. Shark heads to Sunday at 10. 

My Take: CBS certainly seemed to be the most conservative with their schedule, though, if it works, don’t change it. So very, very happy that How I Met Your Mother was renewed, as it’s really one of the funniest shows on right now.  Kind of half disappointed that The Class was canceled, but not too sad. I’m interested to see how they handle Big Bang Theory, and Viva Laughlin sounds like it could be good. I kind of hope that Kid Nation turns into a Children of the Corn/South Park-without-parents type scenario.

ABC Upfronts

Returning: Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty, October Road, Notes from the Underbelly, Men In Trees, Brothers & Sisters, Wife Swap, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Desperate Housewives, The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars, Lost, Supernanny, America’s Funniest Home Videos, Boston Legal, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, 20/20, Primetime (specials and special series) 

Out: The Nine, Six Degrees, The Great American Dream Vote, Show Me The Money, Day Break, In Case of Emergency, The Knights of Prosperity, What About Brian, George Lopez, According to Jim, Big Day

New: Big Shots, Carpoolers, Cashmere Mafia, Eli Stone, Dirty Sexy Money, Cavemen, Miss/Guided, Private Practice, Pushing Daisies, Sam I Am, Women’s Murder Club, Oprah’s Big Give 

Moving: Men In Trees moves from Thursdays at 10 to Fridays at 8. Notes from the Underbelly and October Road (along with Cashmere Mafia) will premiere when Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor end their seasons. Lost will begin airing in February and show no repeats, in a Wednesday time slot that’s still to be determined. 

My Take: I’m glad Men In Trees was renewed, I was worried when it never came back from it’s fall hiatus. Disappointed that What About Brian didn’t make it though. I think that going 24-style with Lost is a good idea, even if it’s an awfully long time until it starts up again. I was actually surprised that October Road was picked up, considering half the things I like get canceled. As for new series, Pushing Daisies looks interesting, as does Big Shots and Sam I Am. I’ll probably end up watching Private Practice, I thought the Grey’s pilot of it was cool.

NBC Upfronts

Returning: Friday Night Lights, Law & Order, Law & Order: CI, Law & Order: SVU, Deal or No Deal, 30 Rock, The Office, Heroes, Scrubs, ER, The Biggest Loser, Las Vegas, My Name Is Earl, 1 vs. 100, Dateline, Football Night In America, Medium, and Saturday Night Live

New: The Bionic Woman, The IT Crowd, Chuck, Journeyman, Life, Lipstick Jungle, The Singing Bee, World Moves, and Heroes: Origins

Out: Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, Crossing Jordan, The Black Donnellys, Kidnapped, Andy Barker, P.I., Identity, Raines, 20 Good Years, Grease: You’re The One That I Want, The Real Wedding Crashers, Thank God You’re Here

Moving: Friday Night Lights moves to Friday nights at 10pm. On Thursdays, 30 Rock moves to 8:30, The Office to 9, and Scrubs to 9:30. Law & Order will move to Sundays at 8pm (in 2008). Law & Order: CI will be on USA Network first, then NBC will air the repeats. 

My Take: Wow. They really canceled a lot of things. I’m disappointed they (or the general public) didn’t give Andy Barker P.I. a chance, I thought it was hilarious. Studio 60 never really lived up to the promise of the pilot and the hype, but I really thought there were some good moments in there even despite the preachiness. Of NBC’s new shows, I’m most interested in The IT Crowd and Chuck, though Journeyman and The Bionic Woman might be cool.

Well. That’s it for now. I’ll hopefully have reviews of any new shows I’m watching come fall.


  Bill Compton wrote @

Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

  hector wrote @

hi there.
i´m from argentina and i´m a huge fan of a lot of sitcoms and drama series from usa.
i really hates CW for cancell the gilmore girls , and veronica mars! viva veronicar mars! she is soooo hot, yum
in tv.com. says that jericho is not cancelled, yet

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