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Archive for October, 2008

Watched Log for Wednesday

Samantha Who?: The Pill

Pushing Daisies:Dim Sum Lose Some

Private Practice:Past Tense

Dirty Sexy Money: The Silence

Dinner: Impossible: The Pork Man’s Nightmare

Mythbusters: Motorcycle Flip

Movie myths: Motorbike Flip, Prison Breaks

Watched Log for Tuesday

Greek: Hell Week (Season Finale)

Watched Log for Monday

Mad Men: Meditations on an Emergency (Season Finale)

Chuck: Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer

Heroes: Eris Quod Sum

Watched Log for Sunday

The Sarah Silverman Program: The Mongolian Beef

Life on Mars: My Maharishi Is Bigger Than Your Maharishi

Kath & Kim: Old

Saturday Night Live: Jon Hamm, Coldplay

Dinner: Impossible: Hospital Hijinks

American Chopper: Dodge Ram Bike

Iron Chef America: Symon vs. Cosentino

Secret Ingredient: Offal (organ meats)
Judges: Michael Ruhlman, Cady Huffman, Andrew Knowlton
Winner: Iron Chef Symon

Watched Log for Saturday

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Tower Is Tall, But the Fall Is Short

Privileged: All About Friends and Family

Grey’s Anatomy: There’s No I in Team

Watched Log for Thursday

The New Adventures of Old Christine: Everyone Says I Love You Except Ritchie

Gary Unmarried: Gary Breaks Up His Ex-Wife and Girlfriend

Ugly Betty: Granny Pants

The Office: Crime Aid

SNL Weekend Update Thursday: 10/23/08

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life

My Name Is Earl: Quit Your Snitchen’

Watched Log for Wednesday

Pushing Daisies: Frescort

Private Practice: Nothing to Talk About

Dirty Sexy Money: The Star Witness

Mythbusters: Alcohol Myths

Beer Goggles, Hwacha, Sobering Methods