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Archive for September, 2009

Watched Log for Wednesday

Dollhouse: Vows

Gary Unmarried: Gary Has a Dream (Season Premiere)

Greek: Down on Your Luck

Watched Log for Tuesday

The Big Bang Theory: The Jiminy Conjecture

Heroes: Ink

The Simpsons: Homer the Whopper (Season Premiere)

Watched Log for Monday

Mad Men: Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency

How I Met Your Mother: Double Date

Watched Log for Sunday

Bones: Harbingers in a Fountain (Season Premiere)

Fringe: A New Day in the Old Town (Season Premiere)

Monk: Mr. Monk and the Critic

Psych: Bollywood Homicide

Watched Log for Saturday

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis (Season Premiere), The Gang Hits the Road

Accidentally on Purpose: Pilot (Series Premiere)

The New Adventures of Old Christine: Bahamian Rhapsody (Season Premiere)

Watched Log for Friday

The Office: The Meeting

Watched Log for Thursday

Grey’s Anatomy: Good Mourning, Goodbye (Season Premiere)