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Archive for June, 2010

Watched Log for Sunday

Throwdown with Bobby Flay: Belgian Waffles, Brownies

Community: Contempory American Poultry

Good Eats: Little Big Lunch: Eggs Benedict

Watched Log for Thursday

Ugly Betty: The Past Present the Future, Hello Goodbye (Series Finale)

Watched Log for Wednesday

White Collar: Bottlenecked

Brothers & Sisters: On the Road Again (Season Finale)

Watched Log for Tuesday

The Boondocks: Smokin’ With Cigarettes

Parks and Recreation: Summer Catalog

Bones: The Devil in the Details

Fringe: Jacksonville

Watched Log for Sunday

Sons of Tucson: Family Album

The Boondocks: Stinkmeaner 3: The Hateocracy

Good Eats: Grillus Domesticus

Watched Log for Thursday

Good Eats: Q

Mythbusters: Fireball Stun Gun
Fireball Stun Gun, Fireworks Man

Bones: The Dentist in the Ditch

Fringe: The Bishop Revival

Ugly Betty: London Calling

Watched Log for Wednesday

Top Chef Masters: Food of the Gods