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Watched log for Thursday

American Dad: Tears of a Clooney (Season Finale)

The Tick: Evil Sits Down for a Moment

That 70's Show: Love of My Life, That 70's Finale (Series Finale)

Sad to see it go, even though this season hasn't been as good as season's past. At least they got Eric back.

The O.C.: The Graduates (Season Finale)

Ding, dong, Marisa's dead! Though, if Caitlin is sticking around next season, I don't know if that's any better.

Top Gear: Season 8 Episode 1, Season 8 Episode 2

Network Updates

Well, the networks have their "upfronts" this week, where they lay out next season and let us know what's staying and what's going. Now, I'm only going to report on shows that I watch or have some sort of interest in. In the fall I'll report on all the new shows. 

For more complete details, click on the network to get TVSquad's full coverage.


Sons and Daughters
Less Than Perfect
Commander In Chief
Emily's Reasons Why Not
Jake in Progress

What About Brian
Grey's Anatomy
Desperate Housewives
American Inventor


Courting Alex
Love Monkey
Out of Practice

The New Adventures of Old Christine
How I Met Your Mother


Malcolm in the Middle
That 70's Show
Arrested Development
Skating With Celebrities
Free Ride

American Dad
Family Guy
The Loop
The O.C.
The Simpsons


Teachers No big surprise.
Surface Again, not a huge surprise. I thought it was only OK.
Four Kings
(remaining episodes to be shown this summer)

Scrubs (But will start in the winter like this year)
Crossing Jordan
My Name Is Earl
The Office


The Bedford Diaries
(This one hurts…)
Modern Men
Pepper Dennis
What I Like About You

7th Heaven (ugh)
Gilmore Girls
Smallville (double ugh)
Veronica Mars
Everybody Hates Chris

Watched log for Thursday

That 70's Show: Leaving Home Ain't Easy

My Name Is Earl: Number One (Season Finale)

The Office: Casino Night (Season Finale)

Great episode. Gonna have to watch it again. Kevin getting beaten at poker had me rolling because that has happened to me at my semi-regular poker game.

Lost: ?

Watched log for Thursday

Less Than Perfect: A Crush Grows in Brooklyn

Smallville: Oracle

The O.C.: The Man of the Year

That 70's Show: We Will Rock You, Sheer Heart Attack

My Name Is Earl: BB

The Office: Conflict Resolution

Watched log for Thursday

Less Than Perfect: The Devil Wears Burberry (Part 2)

Teachers: Testing

Smallville: Fade

The O.C.: The Party Favor

My Name Is Earl: Stole a Badge

The Office: Drug Testing

That 70's Show: My Fairy King, Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Watched log for Thursday

That 70's Show: Keep Yourself Alive

The Loop: Rusty Trombone

The O.C.: The Dawn Patrol

American Inventor: Episode 3

South Park: Cartoon Wars

Watched log for Thursday

Family Guy: I Take Three, Quagmire

That 70’s Show: Son and Daughter

The Loop: Tiger Express

The O.C.: The Undertow, The Journey

My Name Is Earl: Y2k

Watched log for Thursday

That 70’s Show: Spread Your Wings

The Loop: Jack Air

Four Kings: Night of the Iguana

My Name Is Earl: Dad’s Car

The Office: Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Watched log for Friday

Arrested Development: Fakin’ It, Family Ties, Exit Strategy, Development Arrested

That 70’s Show: Killer Queen

Four Kings: Follow the Money

Watched log for Thursday

Monk: Mr. Monk and the Captain’s Marriage

Smallville: Vengeance

The O.C.: The Cliffhanger

That 70’s Show: Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

Everybody Hates Chris: Everybody Hates Picture Day

Four Kings: The Elephant in the Room

My Name Is Earl: Something to Live For

The Office: Boys and Girls

Crumbs: Jody Crumb, Superstar

Watched log for Thursday

Smallville: Reckoning

Obligatory Ferris Bueller’s Day Off tv-edit reference: “Clark is so tight if you stuck a piece of coal in his fist, in a minute, you’d have a diamond.”

Chloe quote of the episode: “…yanking on your closet door”

Man, I could write this show. It’s so retarded. And if you didn’t know who was going to die, for real, you haven’t been paying attention. Especially with all the Jor-el crap and the continuity of the movies and the comics, which while they’ve blatantly ignored it before, it was the character that was least utilized.

Also, funeral scene just an excuse to use slow motion snow.

The O.C.: The Pot Stirrer

Not the drugs! Not “the pot.”

That 70’s Show: Sweet Lady

Four Kings: Tale of the Tape

My Name Is Earl: Monkey’s in Space

The Office: The Carpet

Courting Alex: Everything I Know About Men – Pilot

Watched log for Thursday

That 70’s Show: Who Needs You

Four Kings: Chest, Mate

The O.C.: The Sister Act

My Name Is Earl: Stole P’s JD Cart

The Office: The Secret

Crumbs: Whatever Happened to Baby Bodashka?

Samurai Champloo: Unholy Union

Good Eats: Tender is the Loin 1

Watched log for Thursday

That 70’s Show: Good Company

Four Kings: One Night Stand Off

My Name Is Earl: O Karma, Where Art Thou?

The Office: The Injury

The O.C.: The Safe Harbor

Samurai Champloo: War of the Worlds

Midseason grades are in for the upperclassmen

Well, here’s the midseason grades for returning shows.

First semester grades

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