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Watched log for Wednesday

Celebrity Poker Showdown: Championship Round, Barry Corbin, Steven Culp, Dule Hill, Kevin Nealon, Wendy Pepper

That 70’s Show: Fun It

Stacked: iPod

American Casino: The New Spa

Alias: The Horizon

Wow. This is probably one of the most surprising and best episodes of the season. Best because it concentrated on Sydney and Vaughn and also Jack was totally bad-ass.

The Venture Brothers: A Very Venture Christmas Special

Doctor Who: Eps. 9 and 10 of 2005 series.

Watched these episodes on my PSP. I was testing out the converter program. It works pretty good. Also the episodes were really good.

Watched log for Wednesday

Sealab 2021: Stimutacs

That 70’s Show: Long Away

Stacked: Crazy Ray

Veronica Mars: One Angry Veronica

Veronica gets called for jury duty and is selected to be foreman. The case she’s on involves many of the haves and have-nots of Neptune. Also Veronica confronts Duncan about his love-child with Meg. There’s some awkward when they go to visit Meg in the hospital. Meg also begs Veronica to keep the baby out of the hands of her parents and some ultra-religious orphanage/adoption agency. Lastly, Keith is hired by the mayor to find some lost video tapes, i.e. the Lily/Haaron tapes which are supposedly very useful to the murder case. In the end, Logan gets the tapes, cries watching Lily and then erases them. The jury convicts the two boys from the right side of the tracks after much deliberation and theorizing. Veronica is on the outs from the ’09ers again. Meg dies, but her baby lives, and, hooray! Wallace has returned! Yeah!

Ok, I admit, for a while I couldn’t really see why everyone at TWOP rips on Duncan all the time, but tonight, he really didn’t seem to know how to play it, especially with the revelation about Meg’s pregnancy. Also, I could have done without the Fan Service shirtless-Sheriff. Other than that, pretty good episode. And once again, Wallace is back! Yeah!

Alias: Bob

Yay for return of Sark!

Dirty Jobs: Vexcon

I’m certainly glad that there are people out there to to these “dirty jobs” that Mike Rowe is always exploring. I know most of them I wouldn’t want to do.

American Casino: High Limit Expansion

Watched log for Wednesday

Commander in Chief: The Mom Who Came to Dinner

That 70’s Show: Stone Cold Crazy

Awesome parody of Three’s Company with Fez and Jackie, also neat having Mr. Furley (Don Knotts) make an appearance. Also the return of “Crazy” Caroline, who while having been in therapy, is really not that much better.

Stacked: Little Nikki

Lost: What Kate Did

Tonight’s episode was another Kate-centric episode. Kate is taking care of Sawyer, but then thinks the spirit of her dead step/real-father is being channeled by Sawyer, causing her to freak out, and see a horse in the jungle, and ignore the computer and also totally make out with Jack. There’s also Shannon’s funeral, and Hurley pulls some psychobabble on Jack. Locke, Michael and Eko watch the orientation film and then Eko gets all prophet-y and gives Locke a piece of film that had been removed from the original. Kate’s crime has been flashbacked, including her capture by the U.S. Marshall, her escape, and her talking to her father. Sawyer then wakes up and they go outside to get some fresh air, where they see the black horse again. Kate is not crazy. Maybe. Locke and Eko watch the restored film and find that the missing bit warns against using the computer for anything but inputting the numbers as it may cause another “incident”. Michael, putzing around with the computer, doesn’t know any of this and gets a message on it. And it may be Walt! Dun dun dun!

Great episode. They just left us hanging with the computer and there’s still no clue as to what the “incident” was that they warn about. Also, nothing like a funeral to bring out the random extras we only see at these kinds of things.

Veronica Mars: My Mother, the Fiend

Wow. This was, maybe, the best episode this season. Trina Echolls returns, and Kendall Casablancas is there. Great. Also, Weevil and Logan agreeing that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Sweet. Meg… well, didn’t see that coming, but given some of the clues, not entirely out of the blue. Possibly a Mac and Beav love connection? Interesting. You must watch to find out more. Watch, watch like the wind!

South Park: Free Willzyk

Fall TV Returning Series Grades (repost from other ‘blog 10/28/05)

Let’s consider this their 1st semester grades. It’s a good thing I’m grading on a curve…

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