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Watched log for Wednesday

New Amsterdam: Love Hurts (Season Finale)

Top Chef: Tailgating

Medium: Partners in Crime

Watched log for Monday

New Amsterdam: Reclassified

Medium: Lady Killer

Greek: Highway to the Discomfort Zone

Samantha Who?: The Girlfriend

Watched log for Monday

Throwdown with Bobby Flay: Pretzels

Everybody Hates Chris: Everybody Hates Gretzky

The Big Bang Theory: The Pancake Batter Anamoly

How I Met Your Mother: The Final Four

New Amsterdam: Legacy

Medium: Wicked Game pt. 2

Greek: The Great Cappie

The New Adventures of Old Christine: One and a Half Men

Watched log for Monday

How I Met Your Mother: Ten Sessions

New Amsterdam: Keep the Change

Medium: Wicked Game pt. 1

Greek: The New Normal

The Big Bang Theory: The Loobenfeld Decay

The New Adventures of Old Christine:  The Happy Couple

Watched log for Saturday

Smash Lab: Long Range Lifeboat

New Amsterdam: Honor

The Riches: The Last Temptation of Wayne (Season Premiere)

Free Radio: Sidekick for a Day

Watched log for Sunday

The Return of Jezebel James: Pilot, Frankenstein Baby

I don’t always agree with the critics, but for this show, I think they were right, it is pretty bad. Disappointing, even. The pilot was especially dreadful. The second episode showed some promise, but there are so many things wrong, that it will be hard for the show to overcome them, one of which being the overactive laugh track.

Grade: D

My Fair Brady: Maybe Baby?: Aloha Means I Love You

New Amsterdam: Golden Boy

American Chopper: Klipsch Bike

The Hungry Detective: New York City

Smash Lab: Blast Proof Building

Watched log for Monday

Breaking Bad: A No-Rough-Stuff Type Deal (Season Finale)

Kyle XY: Hello…

New Amsterdam: Soldier’s Heart

Medium: Burn Baby Burn pt. 1

Unhitched: Woman Marries Horse

The New Adventures of Old Christine: (S3E6), House