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Watched log for Thursday

Dinner: Impossible: Medieval Mayhem

Reno 911!: 503

Lost: Past Present and Future, The Beginning of the End (Season Premier)

Watched log for Thursday

Cashmere Mafia: Dangerous Liaisons

Ugly Betty: Odor in the Court

American Chopper: Army National Guard 1

Big Shots: Sex Be Not Proud

Dinner Impossible: Cruise Against the Clock

South Park: Imaginationland 1

Watched log for Wednesday

Project Runway: On Garde!

Mythbusters: James Bond

Electro-magnetic Watch, Shooting a propane tank, Jumping a speedboat

Smash Lab: Crash Absorbing Concrete

Reno 911!: 501 (Season Premiere)

Watched log for Friday

The Sarah Silverman Program: Muffin’ Man

Fight Quest: Japan

Watched log for Thursday

History Detectives: USS Thresher; Pete Gray Cartoon; Manhattan Project Letter

My Name Is Earl: Bad Earl

30 Rock: Episode 210

Grey’s Anatomy: Lay Your Hands on Me

Big Shots: The Better Man

Ugly Betty: Zero Worship

The Sarah Silverman Program: Not Without My Daughter

Watched log for Saturday

Numb3rs: In Security, Primacy, Tabu

Moonlight: The Ringer, 12:04 AM

Flight of the Conchords: various episodes

Stella: The Shorts 1998-2002

Journeyman: Double Down

Insomniac with Dave Attell: Boise, Reno

Watched log for Friday

The Boondocks: Invasion of the Katrinians

BBQ with Bobbby Flay: Thrills and Grills

Insomniac with Dave Attell: Philadelphia