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Watched log for Saturday

I Hate My 30’s: Owe Boy, Out of Cervix

Watched log for Saturday

I Hate My 30’s: Always a Bridesmaid to Order

The Dead Zone: Numb

The Comedy Central Roast: Flavor Flav

Damages: And My Paralyzing Fear of Death

The Two Coreys: Cold Turkey, Surprise Party

Watched log for Saturday

Insomniac with Dave Attell: Boston

The Closer: Dumb Luck

Feasting on Asphalt: A Strong Brown God (Season Premiere: The River Road)

Watched log for Monday

Doctor Who: The Shakespeare Code

How I Met Your Mother: Bachelor Party

The New Adventures of Old Christine: The Real Thing

Thank God You’re Here: Jennifer Coolidge, Bryan Cranston, Joel McHale, Wayne Knight; Mo’Nique, Edie McClurg, Richard Kind, Kevin Nealon (Series Premiere)

24: Day 6: 10:00PM-11:00PM

The Riches: The Big Floss

Watched log for Tuesday

Veronica Mars: President Evil

South Park: Make Love, Not Warcraft; The Mystery of the Urinal Deuce

Watched log for Sunday

Jeff Dunham: Arguing With Myself

Eureka 7: Crack Pot

Shark: Pilot (Series Premiere)

Interesting, James Woods is good, the supporting cast, kind of weak. Don’t know yet if I want to watch another crime-procedural.

Grade: B-

Saved: Triage

Pepper Dennis: Saving Venice: Film at Eleven

Supernatural: Scarecrow

Desperate Housewives: Listen to the Rain on the Roof (Season Premiere)

Brothers and Sisters: Patriarchy

The Venture Brothers: I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills

The Simpsons: Please Homer, Don’t Hammer ‘Em

American Dad: Failure Is Not a Factory Installed Option

Family Guy: Hell Comes to Quahog

Watched log for Wednesday

Eureka: Invincible

The Comedy Central Roast: William Shatner 

Mythbusters: Crimes and Myth-demeanors 2