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Watched Log for Monday

Lost: The End (Series Finale)

How I Met Your Mother: Doppelgangers (Season Finale)

The Big Bang Theory: The Lunar Excitation (Season Finale)

Chuck: Chuck Versus the Subway, Chuck Versus the Ring: Part II (Season Finale)

Watched Log for Tuesday

Lost: What They Died For

Private Practice: War

Watched Log for Tuesday

Lost: Across the Sea

Saturday Night Live: Betty White w/ Jay-Z

10 Things I Hate About You: Just One Kiss

Watched Log for Tuesday

Lost: The Candidate

The Simpsons: To Surveil, With Love

Castle: The Late Shaft

10 Things I Hate About You: Too Much Information

Watched Log for Tuesday

10 Things I Hate About You: Great Expectations

Lost: The Last Recruit

Doctor Who: Victory To The Daleks

Castle: Tick, Tick, Tick …

Watched Log for Tuesday

Top Chef Masters: First Date Dinner (Season Premiere)

Lost: Everybody Loves Hugo

Watched Log for Thursday

Lost: Happily Ever After

Mythbusters: Spy Car Escape
Spy Car Escape, Vector Vengeance

Chuck: Chuck Versus the Other Guy

Watched Log for Wednesday

Lost: Ab Aeterno, The Package

Watched Log for Tuesday

Lost: Recon

Better Off Ted: Change We Can’t Believe In

Good Eats: The Ballad of Salty and Sweet

Watched Log for Tuesday

Lost: Dr. Linus

Psych: The Head, the Tail, the Whole Damn Episode

Castle: The Mistress Always Spanks Twice

Watched Log for Tuesday

Greek: Your Friends and Neighbors

Lost: Sundown

Ugly Betty: Backseat Betty, Level (7) With Me

Watched Log for Tuesday

Lost: Lighthouse

Leverage: The Maltese Falcon Job

Greek: Love, Actually, Possibly, Maybe… or Not

Watched Log for Tuesday

Private Practice: Love Bites

Leverage: The Three Strikes Job

Lost: The Substitute

Parks and Recreation: Greg Pikitis

Watched Log for Tuesday

Greek: Take Me Out

Grey’s Anatomy: State of Love and Trust

Lost: What Kate Does

Private Practice: Shotgun