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Watched Log for Wednesday

Mythbusters: Duct Tape Hour 2
Duct Tape Bridge, Duct Tape Car Repair, Car Stop

Top Chef Masters: Scary Surf and Turf

Doctor Who: Time Of The Angels

Watched Log for Wednesday

Castle: Den of Thieves, Food to Die For

Mythbusters: Mythssion Control
Crash Force, Knock Your Socks Off Revisit

Top Chef Masters: Wedding Wars

Private Practice: Pulling the Plug

Watched Log for Thursday

Bones: The Proof in the Pudding

Mythbusters: No Pain No Gain
No Pain No Gain (Women can stand more pain, Redheads can’t take pain, swearing helps with pain), Gas Canister Rocket

The Office: Body Language

30 Rock: Argus

Good Eats: It’s A Pan, It’s A Dish, It’s Paella

Fringe: What Lies Below

Watched Log for Wednesday

Mythbusters: Bottle Bash
Bottle bash, Leather Cannon

Watched Log for Friday

Good Eats: My Big Fat Greek Sandwich

Mythbusters: Dive to Survive
Dive to Survive, Phonebook Bulletproofing

Watched Log for Thursday

Mythbusters: Soda Cup Killer

Watched Log for Tuesday

Mythbusters: 360 Degree Ricochet
360 Degree Ricochet, Conifer Catapult

Motor City Motors: The Asphalter

White Collar: Free Fall

Good Eats: Live and Let Diet, Gills Gone Wild