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Watched Log for Sunday

Pushing Daisies: Kerplunk (Series Finale)

Brooke Knows Best: I Kissed a Girl

Watched Log for Monday

Iron Chef America: Symon vs. Kaysen

Secret Ingredient: Octopus
Judges: Alec Lobrano, Jamie Little, Andrew Knowlton
Winner: Chef Kaysen

Greek: Tailgate Expectations

Pushing Daisies: Water & Power

Samantha Who?: Out of Africa

American Choppers: DECA Bike; Col-Met Bike

Mythbusters: Seesaw Saga

Watched Log for Sunday

Pushing Daisies: Window Dressed to Kill

Dear Food Network: Griling – All Access Grill, Grilling – All American

Watched Log for Wednesday

Pushing Daisies: The Norwegians

Private Practice: Worlds Apart

Dirty Sexy Money: The Organ Donor

Top Chef: 12 Days of Christmas: Martha Stewart

The New Adventures of Old Christine: Happy Endings

Watched Log for Wednesday

Kath & Kim: Sacrifice

Pushing Daisies: The Legend of Merle McQuoddy

Private Practice: Know When to Fold

Dirty Sexy Money: The Plan

Top Chef: Gail’s Bridal Shower

The New Adventures of Old Christine: Unidentified Funk

Gary Unmarried: Gary Goes First

Watched Log for Thursday

The Office: The Surplus

3o Rock: Reunion

Pushing Daisies: Comfort Food

Ugly Betty: Bad Amanda

Fringe: Safe

Watched Log for Thursday

Pushing Daisies: Robbing Hood

Private Practice: Tempting Faith

Top Chef: Foo Fighters

Bones: The Bone That Blew

Life On Mars: The Man Who Sold the World

Fringe: The Equation, The Dreamscape

The New Adventures of Old Christine: Guess Who’s Not Coming to Dinner

Gary Unmarried: Gary Gives Thanks