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Watched log for Saturday

The Next Food Network Star: Star Quality

The Sarah Jane Adventures: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane, The Lost Boy Pt.1, The Lost Boy Pt.2

Reno 911!: The Tanning Booth Incident


Watched log for Thursday

Everybody Hates Chris: Everybody Hates Mother’s Day

Lost: There’s No Place Like Home  Pt. 2 and 3 (Season Finale)

Aliens in America: Wake at the Lake

Reno 911!: Baghdad 911

Watched log for Thursday

Grey’s Anatomy: Freedom (Season Finale)

Ugly Betty: Jump

Reno 911!: Death of a Pickle-Thrower

Watched log for Sunday

Eli Stone: Something to Save

Reno 911!: The Wall

Watched log for Wednesday

Breaking Bad: Gray Matter

Men In Trees: Charity Case

Carpoolers: Lost in America

The New Adventures of Old Christine: Traffic

Reno 911!: Undercover at Burger Cousin (507)

Watched log for Wednesday

Ashes to Ashes: S01E01 (Series Premiere), S01E02

Harvard Man

Mail Call: Ft. Knox, MOPP; StratOps

Viva Laughlin: The Pilot (Series Premiere)

Jericho: Four Horsemen

Mythbusters: MacGyver Myths

Sodium Jail Break, Bamboo Ultralight, MacGyver Challenge (Lightbulb Lockpick, OJ Film Lab, Magnetic Compass, Helicopter Signal)

Cashmere Mafia: Dog Eat Dog

Dinner: Impossible: Late for the Luau

Reno 911!: 506

Watched log for Wednesday

Brothers & Sisters: The Missionary Imposition

Mythbusters: Viewer’s Special 2

Ancient Arrow, Tree Machine Gun, Eye Black, Jeans High Wire Escape, Moving Powder Trail

Cashmere Mafia: Yours, Mine and Hers

Breaking Bad: ….and the Bag’s in the River

Dinner: Impossible: Robert & the Chocolate Factory

Reno 911!: 505