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Watched Log for Tuesday

How I Met Your Mother: Girls vs. Suits

The Big Bang Theory: The Psychic Vortex

Chuck: Chuck Versus the Pink Slip, Chuck Versus the Three Words (Season Premiere)

Samantha Who?: The Other Woman, With This Ring (Series Finale)

Watched Log for Friday

Samantha Who?: The Dream Job, The First Date

Watched Log for Saturday

The Simpsons: Four Great Women and a Manicure

South Park: The Coon

Reno 911!: Dangle’s Murder Mystery Dinner Pt. 1, Dangle’s Murder Mystery Dinner Pt. 2

Samantha Who?: The Sister

The Closer: Tapped Out

Watched Log for Monday

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives: Name That Cook, Go-To Joints

Numb3rs: The Fifth Man

Samantha Who?: Todd’s Job

Watched Log for Friday

American Chopper: Unique Machine Bike

Samantha Who?: The Rock Star

Burn Notice: End Run

Watched Log for Monday

Iron Chef America: Symon vs. Kaysen

Secret Ingredient: Octopus
Judges: Alec Lobrano, Jamie Little, Andrew Knowlton
Winner: Chef Kaysen

Greek: Tailgate Expectations

Pushing Daisies: Water & Power

Samantha Who?: Out of Africa

American Choppers: DECA Bike; Col-Met Bike

Mythbusters: Seesaw Saga

Watched Log for Sunday

In the Motherhood: Bully, Practice What You Preach

Samantha Who?: The Amazing Racist, The Debt

The Unusuals: One Man Band

Dollhouse: Haunted, Briar Rose

Fringe: The Road Not Taken

My Name Is Earl: Inside Probe pt 2

Parks and Recreation: The Banquet

Watched Log for Friday

Samantha Who?: The Dog

Watched Log for Thursday

In the Motherhood: It Takes a Village Idiot

Samantha Who?: My Best Friend’s Boyfriend

The Office: Two Weeks

30 Rock: Apollo, Apollo

Private Practice: Do the Right Thing

Grey’s Anatomy: Elevator Love Letter

My Name Is Earl: Pinky

Watched Log for Monday

Grey’s Anatomy: In the Midnight Hour

Chuck: Chuck Versus the Gravitron

Heroes: The Eclipse – Part 1

The Big Bang Theory: The White Asparagus Triangualtion

How I Met Your Mother: The Naked Man

Samantha Who?: The Farm

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives: Not What You’d Expect

Watched Log for Sunday

Samantha Who?: The Ex

The New Adventures of Old Christine: Rage Against the Christine

Gary Unmarried: Gary and Allison Brooks

Eli Stone: The Humanitarian

My Name Is Earl: Nature’s Game Show

Watched Log for Tuesday

Samantha Who?: Help!

Watched Log for Wednesday

Samantha Who?: The Building

Bones: The Skull in the Sculpture

Private Practice: Let It Go

Dirty Sexy Money: The Verdict

Mythbuster: Coffin Punch

What Is Bulletproof, Coffin Punch

Dinner: Impossible: Street Cart Critics

Watched Log for Wednesday

Samantha Who?: The Pill

Pushing Daisies:Dim Sum Lose Some

Private Practice:Past Tense

Dirty Sexy Money: The Silence

Dinner: Impossible: The Pork Man’s Nightmare

Mythbusters: Motorcycle Flip

Movie myths: Motorbike Flip, Prison Breaks