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Watched log for Thursday

The Boondocks: Wingmen

Madvillainy… that’s music from The Boondocks

The O.C.: The Road Warrior

Samurai Champloo: Evanescent Encounter Part 3

The series finale of Champloo. Not exactly how I expected it to end, but appropriate. Awesome, I can’t wait to buy the whole thing on DVD.

Overhaulin’: SEMA, Overtime

Watched log for Saturday

The Legend of Zorro

Samurai Champloo: Evanescent Encounter Part 2

Full Metal Panic: FUMOFFU: Episodes 4, 5, 6


I wanted to see this movie because of the brilliant parody of one of the incidents by Gilmore Girls. Pretty interesting movie, although I felt like the narration by Courtney Taylor of the Dandy Warhols was a little condescending.

Watched log for Thursday

Samurai Champloo: Evanescent Encounter Part 1

Bones: The Woman in the Garden

Numbers: The Running Man

Crossing Jordan: Code of Ethics

Watched log for Thursday

The O.C.: The Heavy Lifting

Samurai Champloo: Baseball Blues

Everybody Hates Chris: Everybody Hates the Lottery

Overhaulin’: That 70’s Van

Monster House: Bali House

Watched log for Sunday

Samurai Champloo: Cosmic Collision

Everybody Hates Chris: Everybody Hates Valentine’s Day

Grey’s Anatomy: (As We Know It)

Number 1 Single: Cats and Dogs

Watched log for Saturday

Samurai Champloo: Elegy of Entrapment Verse 2

Numbers: Harvest

Stargate SG-1: Ethon

Stargate Atlantis: The Tower

Battlestar Galactica: Scar

Monk: Mr. Monk and the Big Reward

Kino’s Journeys: Life Goes On, The Tower Country

Saturday Night Live: Steve Martin, Prince

Surface: Episode 14

Watched log for Sunday

Veronica Mars: Donut Run

Grey’s Anatomy: Break On Through

Number 1 Single: Leaving Los Angeles; Welcome to New York

I just heard about this show, and it’s pretty cool. Basically it’s a reality show that follows Lisa Loeb (*swoon*) as she looks for love in NYC.

Malcolm in the Middle: College Recruiters

Samurai Champloo: Elegy of Entrapment, Verse 1