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Watched log for Wednesday

Smallville: Justice

Sealab 2021: Chickmate

Bones: The Priest in the Churchyard

Crossing Jordan: Fall From Grace

Cool cameos, Carla Gallo (Undeclared) and Meredith Monroe (Andi, Dawson’s Creek)

Lost: Exposé

Wow. Another great episode.

In Case of Emergency: Disorder in the Court (Possibly incorrectly labeled/out of order, real episode title “The Good, the Bad, and the Mob”)

Watched log for Thursday

The Tick: The Tick vs. Arthur

Windfall: Money Changers

The Office: Casino Night, Drug Testing, Conflict Resolution (Repeats, but still hilarious)

Sealab 2021: Meet Beck Bristow

The Venture Brothers: Hate Floats

Watched log for Wednesday

Smallville: Lockdown

Clark is an idiot and totally gay. That’s the whole episode. Oh, and Lex and Lana play “Panic Room” whilst being questioned about the vanishing spaceship. This week’s episode should be just as gay. Spoilers predict that one of the title sequence characters will die. And it’s someone Clark loves, so it must be Lex.

Battlestar Galactica: Epiphanies

BBQ With Bobby Flay: BBQ Bashes

Sealab 2021: Bizarro

Lost: Fire Plus Water

Bones: Woman at the Airport

Mythbusters: Archimedes Death Ray (Revisited)

Good Eats: Raising the Bar

Watched log for Monday

Family Guy: Bryan Sings and Swings

American Dad: Rough Trade

Sealab 2021: The Legend of Baggy Pants

How I Met Your Mother: The Wedding

Two and a Half Men: That Special Tug

Out of Practice: Your, Mine or His?

Medium: Doctor’s Orders

Emily’s Reasons Why Not: Pilot

Review forthcoming.

Jake in Progress: The Lying, the Watch, and Jake’s Wardrobe

Thought I’d check this out. I like Ian Gomez and Wendie Malick, so it was worth a watch,  since it got renewed, someone must have liked it. It wasn’t bad, but, I think I’ll watch a few more episodes before making a decision.

Watched log for Wednesday

Sealab 2021: Stimutacs

That 70’s Show: Long Away

Stacked: Crazy Ray

Veronica Mars: One Angry Veronica

Veronica gets called for jury duty and is selected to be foreman. The case she’s on involves many of the haves and have-nots of Neptune. Also Veronica confronts Duncan about his love-child with Meg. There’s some awkward when they go to visit Meg in the hospital. Meg also begs Veronica to keep the baby out of the hands of her parents and some ultra-religious orphanage/adoption agency. Lastly, Keith is hired by the mayor to find some lost video tapes, i.e. the Lily/Haaron tapes which are supposedly very useful to the murder case. In the end, Logan gets the tapes, cries watching Lily and then erases them. The jury convicts the two boys from the right side of the tracks after much deliberation and theorizing. Veronica is on the outs from the ’09ers again. Meg dies, but her baby lives, and, hooray! Wallace has returned! Yeah!

Ok, I admit, for a while I couldn’t really see why everyone at TWOP rips on Duncan all the time, but tonight, he really didn’t seem to know how to play it, especially with the revelation about Meg’s pregnancy. Also, I could have done without the Fan Service shirtless-Sheriff. Other than that, pretty good episode. And once again, Wallace is back! Yeah!

Alias: Bob

Yay for return of Sark!

Dirty Jobs: Vexcon

I’m certainly glad that there are people out there to to these “dirty jobs” that Mike Rowe is always exploring. I know most of them I wouldn’t want to do.

American Casino: High Limit Expansion

Watched log for Friday

Threshold: Progeny

NUMB3RS: Soft Target

Malcolm in the Middle: Army Buddy

Saturday Night Live; Host: Lance Armstrong, Musical Guest: Sheryl Crow

Monk: Mr. Monk and the Secret Santa

Sealab 2021: 2 Misc. Episodes