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Watched log for Sunday

Dice: Undisputed: S01E05

Numb3rs: Democracy

The Simpsons: Homerazzi

The Dresden Files: The Other Dick

Battlestar Galactica: Crossroads Pt. 2 (Season Finale)

Wow. That was freaking awesome. Horrible that we won’t have another new episode until freakin’ 2008! Suck.

Family Guy: No Meals on Wheels

American Dad: Apocalypse to Remember

Surreal Life Fame Games: Ice Ice Storm

Watched log for Sunday

Eureka 7: Don’t You Want Me?

Surreal Life Fame Games: Five Weasly Pieces

Dice: Undisputed: S01E04

The Dresden Files: Storm Front

Battlestar Galactica: Crossroads Pt. 1

The Winner:  Glen’s New Friend, Hot For Teacher

Crossing Jordan: Isolation

Watched log for Sunday

Numb3rs: Contenders, One Hour

South Park: With Apologies to Jesse Jackson

Medium: The Boy Next Door

Surreal Life Fame Games: Peeping Toms

Dice: Undisputed: S01E03

The Simpsons: Rome-old and Julie-Eh

The Winner: Broken Home, What Happens in Albany, Stays in Albany

Family Guy: Bill and Peter’s Bogus Journey

Battlestar Galactica: The Son Also Rises

The Dresden Files: Walls

Watched log for Sunday

Eureka 7: The Sunshine Underground

Shark: Here Comes the Judge, Blind Trust

Surreal Life Fame Games: Dial M for Mommy

The Simpsons: Yokel Chords

The Winner: Pilot

Desperate Housewives: My Husband, the Pig

Brothers & Sisters: The Other Walker

Battlestar Galactica: Maelstrom

Watched log for Sunday

Eureka 7: Acperience 3

24: Day 6: 1:00PM – 2:00PM, Day 6: 2:00PM – 3:00PM

The Surreal Life Fame Games: Pretty Women

Hogan Knows Best: Hulkamania Forever

Crossing Jordan: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Medium: Apocalypse, Push; The One Behind the Wheel

Smallville: Rage

Desperate Housewives: The Little Things You Do Together

Brothers & Sisters: Love Is Difficult

The Dresden Files: Rules of Engagement

Watched log for Sunday

Eureka 7: Cosmic Trigger

The Surreal Life Fame Games: V for Variety

Hogan Knows Best: Knobbs Invades

Monk: Mr. Monk Visits a Farm

Psych: Cloudy… Chance of Murder

Desperate Housewives: I Remember That

Brothers & Sisters: Valentine’s Day Massacre

Battlestar Galactica: The Woman King

Watched log for Sunday

Eureka 7: Date of Birth

The Dresden Files: Birds of a Feather (Series Premiere), The Boone Identity

The Surreal Life Fames Games: The Chyna Doll Syndrome

Hogan Knows Best: Nick in the Driver’s Seat

The Simpsons: Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Three Times

Family Guy: Road to Rupert

American Dad: American Dream Factory

Battlestar Galactica: Taking A Break From All Your Worries

Watched log for Monday

The Surreal Life Fame Game: Down and Out on the B-List

How I Met Your Mother: Columns

The Class: The Class Goes to a Stupid Museum

Heroes: Godsend

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: Monday

What About Brian: What About Marjorie

Watched log for Sunday

The Surreal Life Fame Game: Sex, Size and Videotape

Hogan Knows Best: Que Vas Hacer, Hermano

Justice: Christmas Party

Shark: The Wrath of Khan

I Love the ’70s  Volume 2: 1972, 1973

Pepper Dennis: Dennis, Bulgari, Big Losers at ACoRNS: Film at Eleven

Overhaulin’: Mustang Sting

Brothers & Sisters: Sexual Politics

Desperate Housewives: Not While I’m Around

Watched log for Saturday

Numb3rs: Finders Keepers

The Surreal Life Fame Game: Welcome to Celebrity Island

Justice: Prior Convictions


Hilarious. Just the right amount of stupid.

Grade: A-

Eureka 7: Fantasia

Shark: Sins of the Mother

Watched log for Monday

Memorial Monday Madness!

My Fair Brady: We're Getting Married: Episode 1

The Surreal Life: Check Out Is at Noon

Top Gear: S08E03

Doctor Who Confidential

Doctor Who: Tooth and Claw

Watched log for Sunday

Family Guy: Petergeist, Untitled Griffin Family History

American Dad: With Friends Like Steve's

That 70's Show: The Final Goodbye

American Hot Rod: '61 Impala Bubbletop 1, '61 Impala Bubbletop 2

The Surreal Life: Flo's Final Word

So NoTORIous: Charitable

Hogan Knows Best: Twilight of a God

What About Brian: Moving Day

Desperate Housewives: No One Is Alone

Grey's Anatomy: 17 Seconds

The Simpsons: The Monkey Suit

Malcolm in the Middle: Graduation (Series Finale)

Watched log for Sunday

Eureka 7: Motion Blue

Commander in Chief: Ties That Bind

Hogan Knows Best: The Hogan Boyfriend Test

The Surreal Life: Battle of the '80s Hair Band

So NoTORIous: Relaxed

Love Monkey: The Window

Smallville: Mercy

Overhaulin': Photo Shoot Fiasco

Desperate Housewives: It Wasn't Meant to Happen

Grey's Anatomy: Blues for Sister Someone

The Simpsons: Girls Just Want to Have Sums

Family Guy: You May Now Kiss the… Uh… Guy Who Receives

Watched log for Sunday

Eureka 7: Blue Sky Fish

The Surreal Life: Tawny Takes on Flo 2

Hogan Knows Best: Anniversary Surprise

So NoTORIous: Jealous

Mythbusters: Bullets Fired Up

Desperate Housewives: Don't Look at Me

What About Brian: Pilot

Malcolm in the Middle: MORP

The Simpsons: The Wettest Stories Ever Told

Family Guy: Peterotica

Everwood: Across the Line

American Dad: Roger N' Me