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Watched Log for Saturday

Psych: Earth, Wind and… Wait for it

Bones: Double Trouble in the Panhandle, Fire in the Ice

Desperate Housewives: The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened

Brothers & Sisters: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Privileged: All About the Big Picture

Grey’s Anatomy: Stairway to Heaven

Leverage: The Mile High Job

24: Day 7: 12:00PM-1:00PM

Throwdown with Bobby Flay: Chocolate Bread Pudding, Sushi

Samantha Brown: Passport to Great Weekends: Santa Fe

Ultimate Recipe Showdown: Burgers

Watched log for Sunday

Samantha Brown: Passport to Latin America: Best of Latin America; Punta Arenas, Chile

Feasting on Asphalt: Lutefisk Express

The 4400: Tiny Machines

The Two Coreys: The Clip Show

Iron Chef America: Batali vs. Carmellini

Secret Ingredient: Parmigiano Reggiano
Judges:  Ted Allen, Mario Rizzotti, Art Smith
Winner: Iron Chef Mario Batali (by 1 point!)

Watched log for Monday

Samantha Brown: Passport to Latin America: Guadalajara, Mexico

Masters of Science Fiction: Jerry Was a Man

Read Or Die: TV Series:  Eps. 13-20

Kyle XY: Leap of Faith

Greek: Depth Perception

My Boys: The Estates of Hoffman

Watched log for Sunday

Feasting on Asphalt: Take Me to The River

Hogan Knows Best: Brooke’s Older Boyfriend

Samantha Brown: Passport to Latin America: Coastal Chile

Top American Restaurants: Bon Appetit Picks the Best

The 4400: Ghost in the Machine

The Dead Zone: Exile

Watched log for Sunday

Hogan Knows Best: Hogan Knows Workouts

Feasting On Asphalt: Soul Food Survivor

Samantha Brown: Passport to Latin America: Panama City, Panama

The 4400: No Exit, Daddy’s Little Girl, One of Us

The Dead Zone: Outcome, Transgressions

Throwdown With Bobby Flay: Crab Cakes

Watched log for Wednesday

The Closer: Manhunt

Samantha Brown: Passport to Latin America: Mexico City, Mexico

Mythbusters: Viewer’s Special

Eye-popping Sneeze, Stopping a Car in Reverse, Car Explosion, Killer Butts, Car Remote Capers

Top Chef: Restaurant Wars

Dinner: Impossible: Night Shift Impossible

Watched log for Wednesday

The Dead Zone: Big Top

American Inventor: S02E08 (Season Finale)

Top Chef: Freezer Burn

Samantha Brown: Passporrt to Latin America: Zihuatanejo & Ixtapa, Mexico

Dinner Impossible: Spelling Bee Impossible