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Watched log for Sunday

Hidden Palms: Stand by Your Woman, Second Chances (Series Finale)

The Dead Zone: Ego, Re-Entry

The 4400: Audrey Parker’s Come and Gone, The Truth and Nothing but the Truth, Try the Pie

Watched log for Saturday

Psych: American Duos (Season Premiere)

Hidden Palms: Dangerou Liasons

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Watched log for Wednesday

Hidden Palms: What Liza Beneath, Mulligan

Top Chef: Sunny Delight

Mythbusters: Snow Special

Start an Avalanche with Yodeling, Frozen Tongue, Driving on ice

Samantha Brown: Passport to Latin America: Sao Paulo, Brazil; Honduras

Good Eats: Pretzel Logic

Watched log for Friday

Hidden Palms: Party Hardy

The Price Is Right: Bob’s Last Show!

Catch and Release 

Watched log for Thursday

American Inventor: S02E01

Auditions: Los Angeles and San Francisco
Judges: George Foreman, Sara Blakely, Pat Croce, Peter Jones (returning)

American Chopper: Australia 2

Good Eats: Milk Made

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: K & R

Hidden Palms: Ghosts

Watched log for Wednesday

The Riches: This Is Your Brain On Drugs

Mythbusters: Western Myths

Shooting off a hat, Breaking out of jail, Lock pick of death

Hidden Palms: Pilot (Series Premiere)

Damn  you Kevin Williamson. I’m actually kind of interested in another teen soap. First The Creek and then The O.C., I thought I was done. Well, it’s better than nothing I guess. There’s definitely a lot of the Dawson’s influence on this with a bit of 1st season Desperate Housewives mystery, but unfortunately a fair amount of mediocre acting and overwrought drama. I’ve watched worse, and because there ain’t a lot else on, I’m likely to keep watching. Maybe there’s a chance it will rise above, but it’s unlikely.