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What’s in, what’s out

Well, here’s my take on what the upfronts mean to me. What shows I’m excited about, what shows I’m sorry to see leave, and which I’m glad are gone.

See the list of what’s canceled, staying, new and what’s moving after the break.

BTW, Many thanks to the bloggers at TVSquad for their compilation of these lists.  Read the rest of this entry »

Watched log for Wednesday

How I Met Your Mother: Bachelor Party (rewatched because Austin wanted to watch it)

Mythbusters: Voice Flame Extinguisher

Voice Flame Extinguisher, Hypnosis Myths

Lost: One of Us

In Case of Emergency: Disorder in the Court

Dinner: Impossible: The Frozen Chef: Ice Hotel: Impossible

Andy Barker P.I.: The Lady Varnishes

Watched log for Wednesday

Smallville: Justice

Sealab 2021: Chickmate

Bones: The Priest in the Churchyard

Crossing Jordan: Fall From Grace

Cool cameos, Carla Gallo (Undeclared) and Meredith Monroe (Andi, Dawson’s Creek)

Lost: Exposé

Wow. Another great episode.

In Case of Emergency: Disorder in the Court (Possibly incorrectly labeled/out of order, real episode title “The Good, the Bad, and the Mob”)

Watched log for Wednesday

Raines: Pilot (Series  Premiere)

Bones: The Boneless Bride in the River
Mythbusters: More Myths Reopened

Mad Trombonist, Finger in a Barrel, Sniper Scope, Exploding Hammer

Lost: The Man from Tallahassee

In Case of Emergency: Your Goose Is Cooked

Dinner: Impossible: A Hollywood Ambush: Premiere Impossible

South Park: Lice Capades

Watched log for Wednesday

Mythbusters: Dog Myths

Lost: Par Avion

Bones: Bodies in the Book

Good Eats: Corn the Beef

In Case of Emergency: Proof of Love

Watched log for Wednesday

Dice: Undisputed: S01E01, S01E02

The Dresden Files: Soul Beneficiary

Crossing Jordan: Hubris

Lost: Enter 77

Mythbusters: Speed Cameras

In Case of Emergency: Forbidden Love

Good Eats: Fruit Ten From Space

Watched log for Wednesday

Futureweapons: Stealth, Maximum Impact

The Knights of Prosperity: Operation: Oswald Montecristo

In Case of Emergency: Oh, Henry!

Lost: Tricia Tanaka Is Dead

Dinner: Impossible: Stranded: Deserted Island: Impossible