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Network Updates

Well, the networks have their "upfronts" this week, where they lay out next season and let us know what's staying and what's going. Now, I'm only going to report on shows that I watch or have some sort of interest in. In the fall I'll report on all the new shows. 

For more complete details, click on the network to get TVSquad's full coverage.


Sons and Daughters
Less Than Perfect
Commander In Chief
Emily's Reasons Why Not
Jake in Progress

What About Brian
Grey's Anatomy
Desperate Housewives
American Inventor


Courting Alex
Love Monkey
Out of Practice

The New Adventures of Old Christine
How I Met Your Mother


Malcolm in the Middle
That 70's Show
Arrested Development
Skating With Celebrities
Free Ride

American Dad
Family Guy
The Loop
The O.C.
The Simpsons


Teachers No big surprise.
Surface Again, not a huge surprise. I thought it was only OK.
Four Kings
(remaining episodes to be shown this summer)

Scrubs (But will start in the winter like this year)
Crossing Jordan
My Name Is Earl
The Office


The Bedford Diaries
(This one hurts…)
Modern Men
Pepper Dennis
What I Like About You

7th Heaven (ugh)
Gilmore Girls
Smallville (double ugh)
Veronica Mars
Everybody Hates Chris

Watched log for Tuesday

Joey: Joey and the Snowball Fight

Scrubs: My Five Stages

American Chopper: Senior’s Vintage Project 2

Watched log for Thursday

Joey: Joey and the Sex Tape

Stacked: Heavy Meddle

American Casino: Final Touches

Watched log for Thursday

I was at a dinner party until late, so didn’t get to watch much.

Joey: Joey and the Tijuana Trip, Joey and the Christmas Party

Watched log for Thursday

South Park: Bloody Mary

Stans dad gets arrested for drunk driving and then goes to AA. Much mockery of AA as a Christian fronted cult.

“Dude, I know a cult when I see one. I was the leader of one” -Stan

The O.C.: The Disconnect

Johnny likes Marissa. Marissa is too helpful to Johnny. Ryan get a lap dance when he’s supposed to be interning at the Newport Group, but it’s the fault of Matt who’s been dumped by his girlfriend. Summer is smart, like book smart, on the SATs and now wants to go to Brown. Seth fears this competition and dresses like a pirate while Summer breaks out the Tuba. Julie and Kirsten start a party planning company and when all it does is get a date for Julie, they decide to start a dating service. Sandy fires Matt because Matt is unprepared for an investor meeting (re:strippers above), but being the king of second (and third, and fourth) chances, lets Matt stay. Marissa finds out about Johnny like liking her, and decides to see less of him, and Summer and Seth decide they both can go to Brown. And next week is Chrismakkuh (which Summer saved last year as we were reminded several times).

Don’t have much to say in way of a review, as most of the time The O.C. is just ok, but never really good enough to provoke much of a reaction.

Everwood: Getting To Know You

Good episode. Ephram and Amy do it. Bright finds a way to make Hannah less self-conscious of her body. Rose wants to make the world a better place and adopt a kid. Andy gets lots of internet hits on his dating profile and snoops in Delia’s email. Oh, and Jake fucks up, falling off the wagon and finally confessing his pill-popping ways to Nina.

Joey: Joey and the High School Friend

Smallville: Lex-mas (which BTW, is the lamest, gayest episode title ever)

I don’t know why they didn’t just call it “It’s a Wonderful Lex”, although that would have violated their One-Word-Title rule. So, Lex had a chance to be happy, and chose not to. Clark had a total gay time with Santa. All in all, a weird episode.

Fall TV Returning Series Grades (repost from other ‘blog 10/28/05)

Let’s consider this their 1st semester grades. It’s a good thing I’m grading on a curve…

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Watched log for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Well, I didn’t really get around to watching much of anything these last couple days, with all the family stuff going on. Here’s what I did watch.

SNL Goes Commercial (11/05/05)

Everybody Hates Chris: Everybody Hates Greg

Joey: Bachelor Thanksgiving

I also watched the first 3 episodes of Full Metal Panic: FUMOFFU which I got through Blockbuster online.