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Watched Log for Wednesday

Kath & Kim: Sacrifice

Pushing Daisies: The Legend of Merle McQuoddy

Private Practice: Know When to Fold

Dirty Sexy Money: The Plan

Top Chef: Gail’s Bridal Shower

The New Adventures of Old Christine: Unidentified Funk

Gary Unmarried: Gary Goes First

Watched Log for Saturday

My Name Is Earl: Sold a Guy a Lemon Car

Kath & Kim: Dating

Desperate Housewives: There’s Always a Woman

Brothers & Sisters: Bakersfield

The New Adventures of Old Christine: So You Think You Can Date

Gary Unmarried: Gary Meets the Gang

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives: Traditional Dishes

Watched Log for Saturday

Desperate Housewives: Mirror, Mirror

Brothers & Sisters: You Get What You Need

Good Eats: Oh My, Meat Pie

Eli Stone: Unwritten

The New Adventures of Old Christine: Tie Me Up, Don’t Tie Me Down

My Name Is Earl: Little Bad Voodoo Brother

Kath & Kim: Money

Everybody Hates Chris: Everybody Hates the English Teacher

Watched Log for Sunday

The Sarah Silverman Program: The Mongolian Beef

Life on Mars: My Maharishi Is Bigger Than Your Maharishi

Kath & Kim: Old

Saturday Night Live: Jon Hamm, Coldplay

Dinner: Impossible: Hospital Hijinks

American Chopper: Dodge Ram Bike

Iron Chef America: Symon vs. Cosentino

Secret Ingredient: Offal (organ meats)
Judges: Michael Ruhlman, Cady Huffman, Andrew Knowlton
Winner: Iron Chef Symon

Watched Log for Saturday

Life on Mars: The Real Adventures of the Unreal Sam Tyler

American Chopper: Steve Wyrick & ICEE Bikes

90210: Model Behavior

Privileged: All About the Power Position

South Park: Breast Cancer Show Ever

Kath & Kim: Respect

How It’s Made: Auto Engines, Flour, Recliners, Envelopes

Watched Log for Thursday

The Office: Business Ethics

SNL Weekend Update Thursday: 10/9/08

Life on Mars: Out Here in the Fields (Series Premiere)

My Name Is Earl: Sweet Johnny

Kath & Kim: Pilot (Series Premiere)

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Who Pooped the Bed?

Ugly Betty: Crimes of Fashion